MPG 1981 Classic Remastered & Released on Deluxe Edition CD July 28 via MRC

MelodicRock Classics Label
MelodicRock Classics is thrilled to partner with classic 80s pomp/AOR act MPG to bring fans the first ever official CD release of the band’s 1981 debut album, originally released by A&M Records.
This special Deluxe Edition expands the original album with 4 early demos, but then on a second disc, jumps forward into work recorded for a never released second studio album, plus other tracks demoed over the years since. The guys have always stayed in touch and this culminates with the addition of a brand-new song – “Stop The World” - recorded last year and mixed only a month ago.
JK Northrup has mastered the new song as well as remastering the original album and all bonus tracks.
The band has delivered some liner notes about the album and the extra tracks, plus a range of exclusive never before seen photos, all included in the accompanying booklet.
MPG is:
STEVE CAREY - Keyboards and Lead Vocals
KIM SMITH - Guitar and Vocals
DAVID MIKEAL - Guitar and Vocals
MICHAEL BOLT - Drums and Vocals
STEVE LOCKLIN - Bass and Vocals
Album Produced By Tom Knox And Steve Carey
MPG Deluxe edition will be released July 28 by MRC
MPG was originally a well known group circa late 1970’s in the Atlanta Georgia area called The Miles Brothers. They were headed by Steve Carey on Lead Vocals and Keyboards. He wrote most all of the original music and was supported by Michael Bolt on Drums, Steve Locklin on Bass and Kim Smith on Guitar. The Miles Brothers management thought that the group possibly needed a little more rock influence and a lead guitarist that could possibly sing. So soon after David Mikeal was added to the lineup. The group continued to be called The Miles Brothers and kept their strong R&B roots clearly evident in their rhythm section. A lot of new material was written and record labels were showing up regularly to watch the group. A&M Records ended up being the label that signed The Miles Brothers in 1980. That’s when the record label told the band they would have to change their name The group looked over a lot of names and decided they would like to keep Miles in the name somehow. That’s how MPG (Miles Per Gallon) was picked as the new name.
The second disc contains a lot of the songs that didn’t make the official A&M Records release. It also contains some of the songs that were demos for the 2nd A&M album release that never happened. The recordings range from state of the art to 4 track demos at home studios. The vast majority of these songs were again written by Steve Carey along with 2 new additions from David Mikeal (Front Page News, Number One) Some of these tunes were the bands favorites but didn’t make the cut.
Some extra side notes: Worn Out Shoes, Number One and That’s Easy were recorded at a weekend band reunion in the summer of 1999 at Steve Carey’s home in Atlanta minus Kim Smith. Then extra guitar tracks were added by David Mikeal at his studio in Central Florida soon after. Stop The World was recorded recently in May 2022 with the same 4 members at Daphne Street Studios in Mobile Alabama during another 2 day short reunion.
Steve Carey: “I wrote “Stop The World” in the 90’s, sort of a companion piece to “Goodbye Cruel World” from our 1st album. Both songs reflected my sadness that despite amazing advances in communication, technology, etc. people seemed to be drifting apart and less tolerant of each other.”
David Mikeal: “Some of the early days demo songs contained on this CD set were recorded at the bungalow and with recording equipment you would now need to carbon date to ascertain the year made.”
Track Listing:
Disc 1: The 1981 Album
01. Too Many Questions 3:55
02. Workin' Overtime 3:22
03. Best Thing I Never Had 4:07
04. Goodbye Cruel World 4:02
05. Why Me 2:58
06. Get Yours Tonight 4:42
07. Hurt Me 3:02
08. Can I Come Over Tonight 3:33
09. Always Something 4:06
Miles Bros. Early Muscle Shoals Versions:
10. Too Many Questions 4:51
11. Goodbye Cruel World (4 Track Demo) 5:07
12. Hurt Me 4:06
13. Always Something (4 Track Demo) 4:20
Disc 2: Unreleased Work
01. Stop The World (New Song 2022) 6:43
02. Worn Out Shoes 5:05
03. That's Easy 4:35
04. Life In The Arena 3:01
05. Toys For Boys 3:28
06. Front Page News 3:23
07. Can't Miss Love 3:57
08. Feels So Good4:18
09. Number One 3:31
10. Nobody There 4:17
11. Somebody Somewhere 5:31
12. Bedtime Story 3:37
13. Worn Out Shoes (8 Track Demo) 4:46
14. High School Confidential (Miles Bros. Early 4 Track Version) 5:32
15. Saved My Life (Miles Bros. Live 1979 Bistro Club (2 Track) 04:45
16. Some Other Time (Miles Bros. Live 1979 Bistro Club Atlanta (2 Track) 5:14

MARTIE PETERS GROUP Bounces Back in 2018

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MPG is back! The COMEBACK of a lifetime...
Working titlte for the new album is "Unfinished Business" and after a ten year absence the band return with hard rocking music with catchy hooks and heavy grooving guitar riffs.
The legendary producer NEIL KERNON (Dokken, Britny Fox, Hall & Oates, Queensryche and many more) will handle the mix.
The band lineup in 2017 is Martie Peters on Vocals, Martin Slott on Guitars, BJ Joergensen on Bass and Felix Engel on drums.

MARTIE PETERS Returns With Two New Singles

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Martie Peters has two new singles coming out this Summer through iTunes and CDBaby. The first one on July 25th is called “The Backdrop To Your Life” and is Martie’s first new release since he departed Shades & Peters last year.

He will release another single later this summer titled “Shelter From The Storm”. Both tracks feature the amazing melodic rocker Eric Ragno on keyboards and guitarist Clint Wells.

Follow Martie on Facebook for more details: and on Twitter here:


SHADES & PETERS Reunited On Debut Album

Thursday, August 21, 2014
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Shades & Peters reunited on new album
They have been friends since childhood and started their first band together before they ventured out on different musical routes - now they have reunited on a new album.
The Danish Rock-pop Duo SHADES & PETERS are inspired by Classic Rock Acts like Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen and Rod Stewart but they also have a certain influence from the Nashville scene such as Keith Urban, Sugarland and Rascal Flatts who has left a lasting impression which shines through in their music.

Rene Shades and Martie Peters have been friends since childhood and started their first band together before they ventured out on different musical routes.
Martie has been lead singer of the Danish hard rock band Push and René is bass player in Pretty Maids and has been musical partner to Mike Tramp for several years. 
But now they have teamed up for the first time in many years and ended right back where they started.
"It was the right thing to do at the right time", Peters says: "This Band is who we are and what we grew up on. It's probably the most honest record we could make at this time in our lives".

The debut album features a gathering of the duo's musical heroes:

Jim Cregan (guitar), Kevin Savigar (Keyboards), Jimmy Z (saxophone and harmonica), Tony Brock (Drums) - all from Rod Stewart's legendary band from the 70s and 80s.
Mickey Curry (drums) and Keith Scott (guitar) Bryan Adams' band.
Paul Bushnell (bass) from Sugarland, Faith Hill, Elton John, Miley Cyrus, etc. Paul Robinson (Drums) has played with Nina Simone, Rod Stewart and Van Morrison

Their first single and music video "Comin 'Around" is out in September and their album "Let The Record Spin" hits the streets in 22 countries in October.
Read more about SHADES & PETERS:, and
Let The Record Spin
13 October 2014
01. Comin' Around
02. We Drove All Night Long
03. What's It Gonna Be
04. The Flame
05. Let The Record Spin
06. Remember
07. The Balcony
08. Strength Of Me
09. Back To Me
10. Belfast Boy
11. The World
12. All The Time
13. Young Turks

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