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Push (2002)


So Martin, it's been an interesting 12 months or so, how are things with you right now?

Oh yeah... Things went from good to bad to worse to fantastic! It's been a year of ups and downs for sure.

Pleased to get this album finished and released?
Very pleased. I can't wait for people's reactions.

I don't want to go over old ground, or get too personal, but can you explain what happened when you decided to leave the band at one point last year?
Well, I never left. We were trying to make the band work with a (once again) new lineup, but things weren't happening. We never found a good rythm and I felt that most of the duties were on my shoulders.
When I formed the band in '94 I wanted it to be a platform for my ideas and my music. I wanna make music, I don't wanna argue with people so I decided it was time for me to record a solo album instead and put PUSH on a shelve for a while. However, the fan reaction blew me away. People wanted me to continue the band and I realised that was what I had to do! The material the band had recorded was ready to be released when some of the former bandmembers threatened me with a lawsuit if I did. In the end I decided to re-record the whole damn thing with some of my good friends here in Copenhagen instead of using all my energy in a courtroom. I am glad I did!

It obviously turned out for the best, as the album sounds great!
Oh man, I am so happy with the final result. It was re-recorded in just 18 days!

And you also briefly split with Z Records. I won't go into why, but what bought you two together again?
Well, Mark Alger has exquisite taste when it comes to music and I knew the band belonged on the best label there is for this kind of music in the world these days.
Basically we just agreed on continueing the working relationship that had lasted since early '98.

So does the album's lyrics in any way reflect the turmoils of the last 2 years?
I can't deny that the lyrics in some of the new songs reflect what has been going on in my head in that period. For me it's the best way to tell the world how I feel about things. I try not to sound bitter because I want to focus on the positive things. Some of the anger and frustration have inspired me to be creative.

For anyone reading this and wondering what a Push album is all about - tell us just what exactly is this album is about and how does it sound through your own view?
A PUSH album is all about rock and roll. From hard rocking tracks to emotional ballads. I know it sounds cliché, but to me, the concept works.
The melody is my main priority, and with the busy lives most people live these days, hopefully this album will help them escape once in a while! I know that is what I like to do when I buy myself a new album. Crank it up!

Would you mind running through the albums tracks, with a brief description?
For The Love Of The Game
This one really says it all. Why I am still in the business and what I live and die for!

Heart Is An Empty Space
A song I am really proud of. I think it's the best hookline in a PUSH song to date. And the guitar-solo is so kick ass. Mr. Anthony Lledo on guitar ladies & gentlemen...

Only Dreaming
My original idea sounded like a punkband, but Anthony refused to record it as it was and thankgod we changed it. Credit to him for making it what it is. I changed the melody to fit his guitar parts and that was it. Basically it's just an uptempo love song.

In My Blood
This is my salute to all former members of the band. I wish them all well. It's a statement - I refuse to give up my rock and roll dream!

Time To Let You Know
The only ballad on the album. I think it came out really well. I love doing ballads, it brings out the best in everyone - myself included, lol! Some nice performances from the guys in the band on this one too.

Not This Time
Straight forward rock and roll the way I like it. She cheated on you and now you've had enough. Not exactly a new theme, but one a lot of people can relate to I'm afraid.

Lucky Man
A celebration of life really. Something about gambling, drinking and having a good time, people can make from this whatever they want, he, he!

The Best Thing
A groovy one. It's about love and holding onto it when you've finally found it. Once again the guitars are so emotional!

More Than Meets The Eye
My first political lyrics to date. I couldn't help myself now that I am the father of two boys. Everywhere you turn your head there is war going on and it will never end. I guess I have matured a lot since they were born three years ago when it comes to awareness and respecting people around me.

Just A Man
This one was recorded in 2000 for our last album "On The Run". However, it was only released as a bonustrack in Japan. Some fine guitar playing by Martin Slott, pure rock and roll!

Black Candles
Also a bonus track from 2000. A fine rocker to finish the album off - pour yourself a drink and turn it up!

How do you rate this album, in comparison to the band's other albums?
I think it's the best one yet! I have matured as a songwriter and I feel that the curve is going up. It's the fourth album and right now I feel like I could go on forever. The guys playing on this album are just great. I have mentioned Anthony on guitars, but I also wanna praise the drummer, Jesper Werner, his feel is great and his drumming has certainly taken the music even higher!

I think personally that this one sounds a little darker, a little moodier...I like the feel of it.
I think you are right. It is probably the personal lyrics this time around. But I do believe it has a positive vibe!

What's next for Push then?
Some PR and then touring. I will tour the UK this summer and I will be playing in Scandinavia as well. Hopefully we can add Germany, Holland & Belgium later. I would love to go to America, but it's a costly affair. A new PUSH album early next year is one of my main goals.

You were working on a solo album - is that still planned anytime?
I want to do the solo album and I have the songs ready. The time has to be right. Let's see, even though you have plans you never know what happens, it could be next year!

How do you find the melodic rock scene from where you are based in Denmark?
Hopeless, lol! There are quite a few acts coming out of Denmark at the moment; Royal Hunt, Pangea, Pretty Maids, PUSH and of course Tramp. But it's all happening away from home, nothing happens here. TV and radio have all forgotten about rock and roll. The good thing about "the underground" is the fact that you can trust that what we do is 100 % honest. The young generation around the globe is being raped by the music industry if you ask me, but hey, "I'm just a singer with a song"...

Are there any opportunities for young bands like yourselves to break through?
Always! I think the important thing is to believe in what you do and work hard for it, then you will be rewarded. Whether it's a big record deal or a smile on someones face because your music makes him happy, that's not for me to decide.
Anything you would like to add?
Yes! I would like to thank you and all the people who come to your site, you are the true believers and without you this would not be happening. Long live rock and roll!

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MARTIE PETERS Returns With Two New Singles

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He will release another single later this summer titled “Shelter From The Storm”. Both tracks feature the amazing melodic rocker Eric Ragno on keyboards and guitarist Clint Wells.

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