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Riki Rachtman: No Chance of Headbangers Ball Being Resurrected

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The Metal Voice ( was at this years Cathouse Live Festival celebrating 80's Hair Metal. Neil Turbin (Deathriders Ex Anthrax) reporting, caught up with the former host of the Headbangers ball and organizer of the festival Riki Rachtman. Turbin also spoke to 1980’s hair metal bands Autograph, Enuff Z Nuff and drum wiz Bobby Jarzombek from the Sebastian Bach band (Halford, and Fates Warning).

The Cathouse was a famous Rock club in Hollywood in the 1980’s managed and owned by Riki Rachtman where many famous bands like Guns and Roses, Motley Crue etc..broke ground. It was the cool place to be, now turned into a festival.

On why Riki Rachtman decided to put on the Cathouse Festival “When I set this thing up I just wanted everyone to have fun and everyone is having fun.”

On plans to branch out and do more Cathouse festivals “Everybody is asking me. LiveNation is already saying they want to do one next year, Next year is the 30 year anniversary of the Cathouse so I am not really sure what I got planned but I’m gonna do something fun.”

Asked if Riki Rachtman has ever tried to bring back Headbangers Ball “It’s not gonna happen. I tried, I told them I would do it for free, they never even returned my calls.”

On Autograph’s new album and tour “We have been touring for a year and a half. We have recorded two new songs and just recorded two more.  We did a live recordings for ‘Turn up the Radio’. We are going to have an E.P. with the four new songs and ‘Turn up the radio’.” Steve Lynch

Asking Chip Z Nuff on his Cathouse memories “
I remember Guns and Roses sets, Jet boy I might have played there a couple of times. No Big stories just a great rock club that bands would frequent, eventually a few of them made it.”

Asking Bobby Zarombek on the status of the new Sebastian Bach album and Fates Warning new records “Sebastian is now starting to work on another record and the label wants him to put something out pretty quick. He’s excited about it. He just mentioned it today. Like come in with your ideas, giving us the go ahead to come up with some cool shit. I have a couple of personal ideas that might work for him and I know everybody in the band does”
‘We are working on a new record (Fates Warning), it’s going to be in 2016 and it’s going to be really cool. All the material is written.”

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NAMM Metal Jam 2015 Announced

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
UPDATED - The 8th Annual NAMM Metal Jam will include current/former members of Anthrax, Dio, Savatage, Great White, Lizzy Borden, and more. The 2015 event benefits the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund and Dick Wagner's Rockers For St. Jude.

December 15, 2014 - ANAHEIM, CA. -- Von Badsville & Neil Turbin Presents NAMM Metal Jam 2015 to benefit  the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund and Dick Wagner's Rockers for St. Jude.  The 8th annual event will feature current/former members of Anthrax, Dio, DeathRiders, Alcatrazz, Arthemis, Great White, Exciter, Hurricane, Jon Oliva's Pain, Femme Fatale, Leatherwolf, Lizzy Borden, London, Lynch Mob, Nitro, Bleed The Hunger, Obituary, Savatage, Snow, Steel Prophet, Deicide, Talisman, Sabbath Judas Sabbath, The Iron Maidens and more. .NAMM Metal Jam 2015 will be held on January 21, 2015, at The Slidebar Fullerton, only 5 miles from Anaheim Convention Center. 
Advance tickets are available for $15 at Tickets can be purchased at the door for $20. A NAMM badge is not required for admission. For more information, visit

NAMM Metal Jam 2015 will feature an outstanding roster of 40+ NAMM Metal All Stars performing classics by Monsters Of Metal. This is the 8th annual event, which started in 2008 as Neil and Michael's Metal Jam. Very special guest artists will be announced closer to the event date.

NAMM Metal Allstars Jam to include:

Michael Angelo Batio of Nitro, Holland - Guitar
Andy Martongelli of Arthemis - Guitar
Howie Simon of Alcatrazz, Talisman - Guitar
Thane Farace of Ghost Of War - Guitar
Xander Demos of XDB, Sabbath Judas Sabbath - Guitar
Mike Hansen of Hurricane, Bouilliet - Drums
Michael Olivieri of Leatherwolf - Vocals, Guitar
Tony Cavazo of Hurricane, Snow, Dubrow, Aeromyth - Bass
Courtney Cox of The Iron Maidens, Femme Fatale - Guitar
Jerry Best of Lion, Dio, Freak Of Nature - Bass
Robby Lochner of Jack Russell's Great White, Fight - Guitar
Eric Ragno of London, Graham Bonnet, Joe Lynn Turner, White Sister - Keyboards
Carlos Zema of Immortal Guardian, Outworld - Vocals
Bill Hudson of Westfield Massacre, Jon Oliva's Pain, Cellador, Vital Remains, Circle II Circle - Guitar
Neil Turbin of DeathRiders, Bleed The Hunger, x-Anthrax, x-Onslaught - Vocals
Marten Andersson of Lizzy Borden, Lynch Mob � Bass   Gabriel Guardian of Immortal Guardian - Guitar, Keyboards
Steve Kachinsky of Steel Prophet - Guitar
Ralph Santolla of Obituary, Deicide - Guitar
Dean Roberts of Leatherwolf - Drums
Jyro Alejo of Immortal Guardian - Guitar
Ronnie Peterson of Ghost Of War - Vocals
Dan Lauzon of Entropy - Guitar
Jack Frost of Seven Witches, Savatage - Guitar
Greg Walls of x-Anthrax - Guitar
Gary Daniels of Ghost Of War - Bass
Clammy Cohen of x-Exciter - Bass
Ronny North of Ronny North Band - Guitar
Doug Readmond of Ghost Of War - Drums
Greg Erba of Leatherwolf - Guitars
Rob Math of Leatherwolf - Guitars
Pat Guyton of Leatherwolf Bass
Cody Gilliand of Immortal Guardian - Drums
Thad Stevens of Immortal Guardian - Bass
Rik Charron of x-Exciter - Drums
Neal Shelton of Pyromania, Aeromyth, Painkiller - Guitar
Michael Warren of RockAstra, Michael Warren Band - Guitar
Kleber Mandrake of Axehammer - Vocals
Dave Keckhut of Made N America, Big Swede - Vocals
Mike Kerr of Mike Kerr Band - Guitar

More NAMM Metal Allstars to be announced soon!!

Original Anthrax Vocalist, Neil Turbin & Band to Perform 'Fist Full Of Metal'

Monday, July 14, 2014
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of "Fistful Of Metal," original Anthrax vocalist, Neil Turbin and his band, DeathRiders will be performing the entire album on their upcoming European Tour. The tour runs July 19-24, 2014.
July 14, 2014 - LOS ANGELES, CA. -- DeathRiders, featuring Original Anthrax Singer, Neil Turbin (Bleed The Hunger, x-Anthrax), will be storming through Europe to celebrate “Fistful Of Metal Alive” 30 Years Anniversary. The team features: Gert Nijboer (Highway Chile) - Guitars, Hans I’nt Zandt (Praying Mantis), Conrad Hultermans (X-TinXion) - Guitars, Kornee Kleefman (Krossbreed) – Bass. The European tour runs from July 19th-24th, 2014.
Neil Turbin and company will be playing the entire Fistful Of Metal album and songs from Armed And Dangerous, not played live by Neil since 1984.  Neil co-wrote and sang on Fistful Of Metal and co-authored most songs on Armed And Dangerous, and a couple songs on Spreading The Disease, which he performed live with Anthrax on their first North American/US Attack Tour ‘84.
The European tour kicks off at Dynamo in Netherlands on 19/7/2014, and it also features DeathRiders at Headbangers Open Air 24/7/2014, in Brande Hörnerkirchen, DE, and additionally on the HOA warm up show on 23/7/2014, at Lauschbar in Itzehoe, DE.  The band will also be playing tour dates in Middelburg, NL, Bergen op Zoom, NL and Breda, NL.  
DeathRiders is recording their debut album “The Metal Beast” with Neil Turbin (Bleed The Hunger, x-Anthrax) – Vocals, Jonas Hornqvist (Bleed The Hunger, Treasure Land) – Guitars, Howie Simon (Alcatrazz, Nelson) – Guitars, Matt Thompson (King Diamond, Shaolin Death Squad) – Drums.  For more information, visit

DeathRiders "Fistful Of Metal Alive" 30 Years Anniversary Europe Tour Dates 2014:           
19/7/2014 Dynamo – Eindhoven, NL                                                                          
20/7/2014 Sound Dog - Breda, NL                                                                                
21/7/2014 Café Die Twee – Bergen op Zoom, NL                                                                
22/7/2014 Bar American – Middelburg, NL                                                                
23/7/2014 Lauschbar – Itzehoe, DE (Headbangers Open Air Warm-up Show)                    
24/7/2014 Headbangers Open Air Festival – Brande Hörnerkirchen, DE
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