TOBY HITCHCOCK - Reckoning (Review)

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Friday, January 25, 2019
Toby Hitchcock is one of the voices of the last decade or so. Since his Pride Of Lions debut, his powerful tenor has been front and centre for some of the genre’s best anthems and most epic ballads. Any Toby Hitchcock is good Toby Hitchcock.
And for the most part, this album is no different. Songs are delivered by the who’s who of the AOR scene, with at least another 4-5 classic songs here – Queen Untouchable, Promise Me, No Surrender and This Is Our World. Man, the guy can sing.
I like that a lot of the album is uptempo and flows at a pretty hectic pace. I don’t think this is as strong as Toby’s Erik Martensson helmed debut. Even though this album is also a Swedish production, the differences are quite stark. Reckoning sounds firmly planted in the 80s, with the keyboards and production style a more distinct European in flavour.
The songs are enjoyable but not to the same level as the debut or Pride Of Lions.
There is one issue that desperately needs to be addressed. The keyboards. We need to talk about the keyboards.
As has been the case with all Daniel Flores productions, the keyboards dominate. They are the highest element in the mix, aside from vocals and there are just way too many layers of them. There is no letup in the sonic bombardment. There needs to be more space for the rest of the instrumentation to breathe. Even during guitar solos the keyboards still dominate.
I like Daniel a lot – very talented and sweet guy – but there must be an intervention. The keyboards are simply overbearing, and the production style is becoming very repetitive. Find Me (all 3), the second First Signal album, the Palace debut, Cry Of Dawn and now Toby Hitchcock – largely all sound the same. So moving forward I hope some individual personality can be infused into these projects. And that's the main essence of what's missing here - its own personality.
That said, there’s still plenty to enjoy and Toby’s vocals are powerful, emotional and totally immersive. Fans of Find Me, Daniel’s other AOR work and 80s keyboard melodic rock will enjoy.

TOBY HITCHCOCK Back With 'Reckoning Jan 25

Friday, January 25, 2019
Frontiers Music Srl announces the release of TOBY HITCHCOCK's second solo album, “Reckoning” on January 25, 2019.
First single and music video, "Promise Me" out now! 
Powerhouse American vocalist Toby Hitchcock is back with a brand new solo album, “Reckoning”. The album was written and produced in collaboration with Swedish producer Daniel Flores (Find Me, The Murder of My Sweet). Toby first came to the attention of melodic rock fans when former Survivor founding member Jim Peterik hand-picked him to be the lead singer for Pride Of Lions, the band that would mark Jim's return to the rock scene.
With Pride of Lions, Toby has sung on five studio albums which are considered true classics among the melodic rock/AOR faithful. Often compared to Bobby Kimball (Toto), Jimi Jamison (Survivor), and Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Hitchcock’s voice has the depth, feeling and the feel of each of them, while still keeping his own identity and trademark.
When Pride of Lions took a small hiatus in 2011, Toby took the opportunity to hook up with Swedish songwriter/producer Erik Martensson (Eclipse, W.E.T., Ammunition) for his first solo album, “Mercury’s Down.” The album was a display of the talent of the two young guns, with Toby showing an unbelievable set of pipes on some heavier material, specially penned for him by Martensson.
In 2017, work on a new solo album started with Toby once again looking to Sweden for another exciting collaboration. Swedish producer Daniel Flores (Find Me, The Murder Of My Sweet) crafted a superb set of songs that are an absolute AOR gem of an album.
Toby Hitchcock says: “Being able to record my second solo album was a big step for me. I didn’t want to be a “one hit wonder” type of artist. So I’m very thankful for the opportunity to record a sophomore album. Working on my own solo record is really a great way for me to be creative on my own, so it’s very satisfying, and I love the feeling. Both of my solo projects were produced by different artists. So they feel completely different. This is a great thing for music lovers, as it brings a different vibe. This allows me to really explore my vocals and just have a great time doing it. Both albums have been amazing to work on and I couldn’t be happier."
“Reckoning” is a must hear release for all melodic rock/AOR fans out there. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!
No Surrender
Promise Me
Show Me How To Live
Behind The Lies
Fighting For My Life
Queen Untouchable
Gift Of Flight
Don't Leave
This Is Our World
Someone Like You
Toby Hitchcock: Vocals 
Daniel Flores: All Keyboards and Drums
Michael Palace: Guitars and Bass
Yngve "Vinnie" Strömberg: Drums and Percussion

PALACE Delivers 'Binary Music' December 7

Friday, December 7, 2018
Palace, the brainchild of Swedish musician Michael Palace, will release their second album, "Binary Music" on December 7, 2018. Today, the band has released the first taste of music from the album in the form of single "To Have And To Hold".
Palace is a Swedish melodic rock band founded by lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Palace. Heavily influenced by 80’s imagery and sounds, Palace delivers a massive melodic rock/AOR sound unlike you’ve ever heard before. With layers of keyboards, Palace deliver a heavier sound than most in the genre, with guitars a dominating feature. Swirling keyboards, layers of guitars, and fast moving 80’s themed melodic hard rock is what is on offer on “Binary Music”. After the very warm reception of the debut album, ”Master Of The Universe”, Michael was very excited to get to work on the follow up and face the challenges that came with it. ”I wanted to make an album that will give the fans even more of what they enjoyed the last time around, all the while staying creative and not shying away from new musical ideas,” he says.
Michael Palace began working with Frontiers as a songwriter and guitar player for First Signal (featuring Harry Hess of Harem Scarem fame), Cry of Dawn (with Goran Edman), Kryptonite (featuring Jakob Samuel of The Poodles), and Toby Hitchcock.
The successful collaborations led to a worldwide record deal with Frontiers for his own musical output. Then the subsequent success of ”Master Of The Universe” opened up even more opportunities for Michael to grow as a musician outside of Palace, appearing on many releases as a guitar player, songwriter, and at times, producer. Despite his young age, Michael Palace has accumulated a wealth of experience playing live and recording in the studio with several different acts in addition to the aforementioned acts and including Code Red, Jim Jidhed, Erika, Hank Erix, Find Me (Featuring Robbie LeBlanc) and Big Time to name a few.
”Since the release of the first album, I’ve had the chance to be involved in a lot of cool musical projects and made more music in two years than I’ve made in my whole life. It has been a fantastic learning experience and I’ve brought a lot of that new gained knowledge into the making of ”Binary Music”. I produced the new album with the guidance from my good friend and mentor Daniel Flores (Find Me, First Signal, The Murder Of My Sweet), and I can’t wait to produce more albums in the future," Michael explains.
1. Binary Music
2. Tears Of Gaia
3. Nothing Personal
4. Promised Land
5. Love Songs
6. Dangerous Grounds
7. Queen Of The Prom
8. Who's Counting Time
9. Julia
10. To Have And To Hold
PRODUCED BY: Michael Palace
+Michael Palace - vocals, backing vocals, guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, harmonica and alto saxophone.
+Daniel Flores - drums and percussions
+Oscar Bromvall - guitar solo on "Julia"
Connect with PALACE:



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Praying Mantis (GB) 20:15 21:15 60"
FM (GB) 21:35 23:00 85"
Joe Lynn Turner (USA) 23:20 00:50 90"

PALACE - Master Of The Universe (Review)

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Produced By: 
Michael Palace & Daniel Flores
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock
Friday, August 26, 2016
Palace is another new Swedish discovery for Frontiers Records and the world. Primarily the band is formed and performed by Michael Palace, credited as vocalist and guitarist as well as co-producer alongside one of Frontiers’ go to guys – Daniel Flores.
The 4 piece band is essentially for live performances, the studio credits behind this album assign Michael Palace to vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards and Daniel Flores drums and additional keyboards.
Much like other newcomers Cruzh, Palace is a pure 80s outfit, heavily reliant on keyboards, but delivering a heavier sound overall with guitars the more dominating feature.
Swirling keyboards, layers of guitars and fast moving 80s themed melodic hard rock is the order of the day, wrapped in a very tight Flores production.
Some of the songs really do trade off the glory days of 80s rock, but with enough power to sound fresh today. Fans of Brother Firetribe will delight in such songs as the massive anthem Part Of Me and Cool Runnin’; while the ballad Rules Of The Game is one of the year’s best.
However, I think the 3 best tracks of all are the final 3.
She Said It’s Over is a is a glorious little moody anthem with a killer hook; Stranger’s Eyes is a smooth slice of Street Talk styled AOR and Young Wild Free is a bubbly, feel good anthem to close out the album in mid-80s style.

Highlight of the month I think. A very strong debut featuring a few songs that have end of year Best Of qualities. Michael Palace has a very likable voice and Daniel Flores again delivers in the produces chair. Revised sequencing might even add another point or two.

PALACE Make Their Debut August 26

Friday, August 26, 2016

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to present to the world the talents of an amazing new melodic rock band from Sweden: PALACE!

Palace will release their debut album, 'Master of the Universe' on August 26th. Check out an EPK where founding member Michael Palace discusses the origin of the band here:

You can pre-order the album here:

The band was founded by lead singer and guitarist Michael Palace. The lineup is rounded out by Rick Digorio on guitar, Marcus Johansson on drums and Soufian Ma'Aoui on bass. Heavily influenced by 80's imagery and sounds, Palace delivers massive arena rock with a modern touch! AOR fans of all ages will find much to love among the eleven hard rocking tracks on "Master Of The Universe". Catchy choruses, heavy guitars, pounding drums, thumping bass, interstellar synths and soaring vocals are the order of the day with Palace. Prepare to go back to the future and beyond, with an album you simply can't miss in 2016.

Despite their young age, all four members have accumulated a wealth of experience both playing live and recording in the studio with several different acts. As individuals and at times crossing paths, they have played and/or currently play with with ADRENALINE RUSH, REACH, ERIKA, HOUSTON, FIND ME, GUTTERD'MERUNG, BIG TIME, and MILJENKO MATIJEVIC to name a few.

Michael Palace began working with Frontiers as a songwriter and guitar player for First Signal (featuring Harry Hess), Cry of Dawn (with Goran Edman), Kryptonite (featuring Jakob Samuel), and Toby Hitchcock. The successful collaborations led to a worldwide record deal with Frontiers and the signing of his band and the future is now wide open.

There is no doubt that delivering a great live performance is just as important as sounding top notch in the studio, and Palace delivers in spades. What you hear on the record is what you get live, so prepare for an unforgettable experience when Palace is in town!

"Starting in Sweden and working our way out all around Europe, our goal is to make sure that every single person who enjoys the album gets a chance to see us in their home town or at least at their favorite rock festival,' tells frontman Michael Palace. 'We love the music that we play, and we want to share this happiness with all of you music lovers out there for as long as we can. We truly hope that you like the album and that we'll see you very soon!"

PALACE will have an exclusive release show in Stockholm on August 26 at Harry B James Club. Don't miss it if you're in town!

'Master of the Universe' tracklisting:
1. Master Of The Universe'
2. Cool Runnin'
3. Man Behind The Gun
4. Part Of Me
5. No Exit
6. Matter In Hand
7. Path To Light
8. Rules Of The Game
9. She Said It's Over
10. Stranger's Eyes
11. Young/Wild/Free


Michael Palace - Vocals, guitar
Rick Digorio - Guitar
Marcus Johansson - Drums
Soufian MaAoui - Bass
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