AMMUNITION Album Gets European Release Via AOR Heaven

Friday, January 23, 2015
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Product: Ammunition - Shanghaied
Release Date: 23.01.2015
Label: AOR Heaven
Age Sten Nilsen is picking up where his former band Wigwam left off. Penning new rock anthems with Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse/W.E.T) in Stockholm since October 2013.  When Wigwam surprisingly decided to call it a day after 13 years, Age Sten soon formed his own band, recording the new songs in the vein of the new band effort Age Sten Nilsenʼs AMMUNITION.
The new material wears the same catchiness as Wigwam, yet offers a rougher and more subtle sound and arrangements than his former bandʼs latter productions. Produced by one of melodic rocks most esteemed producers Erik Mårtensson, Age Sten Nilsenʼs AMMUNITON is now on the verge of promoting their first album “SHANGHAIED” due for a release in January.
With a dream team of rock musicians in the line-up Age Sten Nilsenʼs AMMUNITION has already had great success in Norway, playing shows to more than 5000 rockers.
This release is available on AOR Heaven outside of Scandinavia.
Line-up: AGE STEN NILSEN -vocals; HAL PATINO -bass (King Diamond/PRETTY MAIDS/Nordic Beast); ROBBAN BÄCK -drums (Sabaton/Eclipse); ERIK MÅRTENSSON -guitars (W.E.T / Eclipse); LASSE FINBRÅTHEN -keyboards (Wigwam/Circus Maximus); JON PETTERSEN -guitars (Ågeʼs Queen show/Bad Habits/Wild Willyʼs gang)
Soundfiles in advance:

WORK OF ART - Framework (Pre-View)

Friday, September 19, 2014
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Since their arrival on the scene, Sweden’s WORK OF ART have built a strong dedicated fan base based on their classic old-meets-new AOR sound that shows you can still move forward while carrying a classic sound.
I’ve got great news for fans. Their third album Framework is an absolute joy and might just be their best work yet.
Quite simply this is a fabulous record once again packed with great songs, intelligent arrangements and some blindly good songs.
The YouTube teaser previewed just two songs – Time To Let Go and Can’t Let Go, but there is another 9 tracks of equal appeal.
The band has at times been compared to Toto, and on a song like Shout Till You Wake Up, you’ll hear these guys take on Toto’s heaviest progressive sound.
And on Over The Line, the band delivers their most instant anthem yet.
Framework has a heavier edge to it, more prominent guitars throughout, but still drenched in keyboards and sweet harmonies. And I truly believe these are some of the band’s most instantly likable songs.
There’s a lot to look forward to with Framework come September 19 – Just in time for their debut USA live performance at MelodicRockFest – October 3 in Chicago (www.melodicrockfest.com)!
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