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Introducing CULVER KINGZ June 24 on Escape Music

Friday, June 24, 2016
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Escape Music is pleased to announce the signing and release date of Culver Kingz!
Culver Kingz: This Time (REVISED RELEASE DATE - June 24
Culver Kingz is: 
Michael Thompson (All instruments)
Billy Trudel : Lead vocals and backing vocals
Produced and Mixed by : Michael Thompson
Track Listening:
1- Better Days 04:05  /  2-Chains Get Broken 04:33 / 3- Eyes Of Barbados 04:29 / 4- Dirty Secret 04:22 / 5- Wan Chai Girl 04:13 / 6- R & B Love Song 04:59 / 7- This Time 04:20 / 8- Don’t Take This Love 04:26 / 9- Forever 04:29 / 10- Coming Home Soon 04:51 / 11- You’re Not Alone 04:12
In 1983, Michael Thompson and Billy Trudel were introduced to each other. They were brought together by manager Steve Brooks and Producer/Engineer, Wyn Davis to form a new band called Slang. They worked hard in the studio and out playing shows to get this new project noticed but nothing seemed to work in their favor. 
After 2 years of struggling, they started to adventure into other projects. In 1985 Billy signed his first recording contract with The City, a band on Chrysalis Records and Michael was playing guitar with Andy Fraser (Free) When Manager Alan Neven ( Guns & Roses) heard the project. He took it to Geffen Records and the band was signed. But there was a problem, Billy couldn’t sign the contract because of his prior obligations to The City. So Michael had to find another vocalist to record the album.
That’s when he found Moon Calhoun to take Billy’s place. They changed the name of the band to the Michael Thompson Band and released the record in 1987. Since that time both Michael and Billy became well established in they’re music carriers, backing up some of the biggest artist in the music industry. 
Then in 2011, Michael and Billy re-connected and decided to finish that record they always wanted to make. That was the birth of the Culver Kingz. The band name came from both of them living  in Culver City and writing and recording everything in Michaels studio. Now all these years later they are thrilled to come back full circle and do what they do best, Make music. 
For the past 30 years, here are just a few artist Michael Thompson, and Billy Trudel have worked with.
Michaels credits are: Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin, David Foster, Madonna, Michael Bolton, Babyface, En Vogue, Bobby Womack, Quincy Jones, Beyoncé, Stanley Clarke, N Sync, Toni Braxton, Rod Stewart, Vince Neil, The Scorpions, Mariah Carey, Michael McDonald Brian Adams Animal Logic and many more.
Billy’s credits are: Elton John, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Phil Collins, Bonnie Raitt, Mary J Blige, Sting, Motley Crue, Trixter, Spice Girls, Rod Stewart, Brotherhood Creed, Joe Perry, Pet Shop Boys, B B King, Brian Adams, Stevie Wonder, Sir George Martin, Bon Jovi, Back Street Boys Warpipes, The City, Public Domain and many more. 
If you like bands such as Matchbox 20 and Santana this album is definitely for you!!!
Look for the Culver Kingz on 20th May 2016. 
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