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PUNKY MEADOWS Releases New Video & Single Featuring Frank Dimino and Felix Robinson of ANGEL

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Punky Meadows is from one of the most striking Hard Rock band of the 70's, ANGEL, and on September 18, Punky Meadows will release the new single, "LOST AND LONELY.' 
The track features three members of Angel - guitarist Punky Meadows, vocalist Frank Dimino, and bassist Felix Robinson, as well as Punky's band members Danny Farrow, Charlie Calv and Bob Pantella, who all performed on the song. 
They also filmed a brand-new video at The Chance Theatre in New York for the song, in which it is the first time since 1980 that three members of Angel appear together in a music video.
Check out the video here:
The video was shot by Jeffery Moore, who co-directed with Danny Farrow. 
'Man, we had such a great time shooting our latest video with Frank, Felix and the guys,' says Punky. 'Danny and I talked about doing this video for a while. We thought it would be something special for not only the fans of my band, but for the many Angel fans as well. Frank really delivered on this track, and the whole band kicked ass!!!' 
Also order the autographed limited special edition of Punky Meadows' 'Fallen Angel' full CD with the Frank Dimino version of 'Lost and Lonely' at www.mainmanrecords.com
Punky Meadows also just launched a new merch Store with many shirts, posters and other great items you can order at https://shop.bandwear.com/punkymeadows.
And more exciting news - Punky and the band just signed with The Artery Foundation Artist Management, and will be working on many new exciting things together, including a slew of shows for 2018.
Lastly, Punky and his band will be doing a special show November 10th at the Debonair Music Hall (Mexicali Live) in Teaneck, NJ. You can get tickets and meet and greet at link for Punky’s official site below.
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PUNKY MEADOWS Announces West Coast And East Coast Tour Dates

Tour News
One of the most striking hard rock bands of the 1970's was undoubtedly ANGEL - who sported costumes and a highly theatrical stage show only rivaled by KISS (their then-label mates on Casablanca Records). Despite ANGEL splitting in 1981, the group's popularity and influence remain high - resulting in the return last year of their larger-then-life guitarist, Punky Meadows, with his first-ever solo release, 'FALLEN ANGEL,' and a striking video clip for the rocking track, 'Straight Shooter': https://youtu.be/pZVp6Y_k2CU
'I'm very proud of this song and album,' says Punky. 'Every song kicks ass and is a winner. Danny Farrow and I have a great song writing chemistry so it's hard to to pick a favorite song because they're all good. 'Straight Shooter' was our first single and video. This band is killer with all talented players and a killer singer.'
And in March and April, Punky will be performing in the US. From March 8th-10th, dates have been announced for Las Vegas, San Diego, and Los Angeles, followed by Poughkeepsie on April 21st and NYC on April 29th. Joining the guitarist on stage will be a band comprised of Chandler Mogel - lead vocals, Danny Farrow - rhythm guitar, vocals, Charlie Calv - keyboards, and Bob Pantella - drums, while it will be decided closer to the dates if bass will be supplied by Felix Robinson (due to recent surgery). 
ANGEL was a headline act in the US, and was featured performing live in the 1980 cult classic film, 'FOXES' (starring a then-teenage Jodie Foster, Cherie Currie, and Scott Baio), they were also one of the biggest rock bands of the 1970's in Japan. The group released six studio albums on Casablanca Records before disbanding in 1981, due to the demise of the label. During his career, Punky had been considered to join such well-known artists such as KISS, AEROSMITH, and the NEW YORK DOLLS. 
Upon the band's disbanding, Punky occupied himself with a number of successful business ventures while continuing to play guitar and write songs. Through social media, fans let him know they missed him and wanted to hear new music. With renewed passion for recording music, and inspiration from close friend and fellow musician, Danny Farrow Anniello, they crafted 15 new songs together for 'FALLEN ANGEL,' which charted on Billboard at #6 on the Heatseekers Chart and #32 on the Independent Album Chart.
Also available is a special autographed edition of PUNKY MEADOW'S 'Fallen Angel' that includes a PUNKY MEADOWS GUITAR PICK, and two bonus tracks (one featuring original ANGEL vocalist FRANK DIMINO), exclusively on the www.mainmanrecords.com website. Otherwise, the regular 15 song edition is available everywhere else, including iTunes, Amazon, and all other music outlets.
Also available are a limited amount of meet and greets for each show. The meet and greet includes a personal photo with Punky and the band (with personal cell or camera) up to 3 autographed Punky or Angel items, and a free 8x10 to have autographed as well. Here are the links to the meet and greets (all but the BB KING meet and greet, which is on their website at checkout): punkymeadows.weebly.com/tour-dates.html
And soon, fans will get an opportunity to experience Punky and his band live on stage. 'Can't wait to get on the road and play for all the fans again. We're coming to a town near you and we're going to tear the place up!! It's going to be one bad ass party, so don't miss it and let's rock!!
March 8th -  Backstage Bar and Billiards (Las Vegas)
March 9th -  Brick By Brick (San Diego)
March 10th -  Whisky (Los Angeles) 
April 21st -  The Chance (Poughkeepsie) 
April 29th -  BB Kings (New York City)

PUNKY MEADOWS - Fallen Angel (Guest Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Punky Meadows
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Rock, Hard Rock
Friday, May 20, 2016
Something a little different today – a guest review! Please welcome former Kerrang journalist and current AOR Blvd record label partner Kelv Hellrazer, who asked if he could review the Punky Meadows album. More than happy to oblige. Over to Kelv:

“I was a full card carrying member of AEF ...that's Angel Earth Force to those of you not in the know ....in mid 80's i even stalked Frank Dimino .....down so Metal Forces could get exclusive on his new band ....Teriff  or Terris lol ...Poor old Frank had to Change his phone number ....Even though in 70's i  thought i could look like Barry Brandt hahhahahha
Back To Punky - Last heard of with Fergie Frederikson (RIP) fronting Angel .....with Ricky Phillips ....if you have'nt heard demos you aint heard shit lol ....White Sister covered two Angel songs they Did and songs even turned up on Fergie's solo effort .......
Punky why did Angel not reform back in late 80s doing Sinful Style music i never know ......The greatest hair band ever, better than Kiss ..Speaking of kiss rumours abound ....that Punky were'nt allowed to join… better hair ...or why didn't you join House Of Lords ...The Brits deserved to see those Flashy licks and the ultimate hairdo in rock.
2016 ....Punky hooks up with The future Of Rock Chandler Mogel love this Guy .....He looks like A Young Nuno  and sings lIke A muther.....Plus Angel Stalwart bassist of White Lion fame lol Felix Robinson ....yes i searched endlessy early 80's for Felix Robinson 's White Lion. Whilst Danny Anniello and Bobby Pantella   r pros .....who convinced him to return. Amazingly my ole buddies ......Khalil Turk/Barrie Kirtley  gets hold of em For Escape music what a grand job they've  done in ages love the cover and executive production hhhaha
Musically bits of Angel killer guitar licks, bits Of Raspberries, bits of Silverwing, Seb Kozack, better than Cheap Trick  hahha" Lost and Lonely" definitely Angel Like , " Home Wrecker" starts off with Guiffria style keys from legendary  aor stalwart Charlie Calv...wanna hear more from him ...what about A "Punky's Theme" ....With a dual between Charlie And Punky ....
I nearly crapped myself to intro "Descent”, Taken from Angel intro Tape i wanted to search Ebay for a satin Jacket haha ....Searchin is great Angelic stuff 60's influenced really refreshing as is Punky's awesome guitar sound ..Aor by Numbers bands take note ..."Baby Dont Cry" Could Be a wonderful hit Punky could be a hit with Hairdressers everywhere lol ..He's Still very Dallas Meets Dynasty and he's kno youngster
i could rave on forever ....i'm just gonna off  to Nottingham to nick Dave Reynolds Angel necklace And get Dave Herron To dump one of bands on Rockingham , so these guys can play Punky And Chandler could steal the show ....Always better Than Kiss stick that in your Pants Gene ,Punky And Chandler could steal the show.

I concur….well, the bits that give the thumbs up anyway! Chandler does indeed do a great job once again, proving his vocal versatility and the songs are a throwback to the 80s without sounding too dated.
Good, catchy classic rock with a retro vibe. I’m slightly less enamoured, but still a solid album from my standpoint.



PUNKY MEADOWS (Angel) Delivers 'Fallen Angel' May 20

Friday, May 20, 2016
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Escape Music is Proud to announce the signing of Punky Meadows the former Angel guitarist. Release date: May 20.

Track List: Descent / The Price You Pay / Straight Shooter / Breathless And Jaded / Loaded Gun / Lost And Lonely / Home Wrecker / I Wanna Be Your Drug / Leavin Tonight / Searchin / Something Strange / Shadow Man / Shake Shake / Summertime Love / Fallen Angel / They Don’t Like My Ways (Bonus Track) / Summertime Love/Alternate Solo (Bonus Track)

PUNKY MEADOWS "Fallen Angel" is:

BOB PANTELLA - DRUMS (Monster Magnet)

Punky Meadows is best known for being the iconic lead guitarist of the 70's band ANGEL on Casablanca records. ANGEL, like label mates KISS, were a huge theatrical band that while also being a headlining act in the US were also one of the biggest rock bands in Japan.

Punky was a huge influence to many musicians for not only his great feel, tone and unique style of guitar playing, but also his rock star image that many have tried to emulate over the years. ANGEL released 6 albums on Casablanca before disbanding in 1981 due to the demise of the label. During his career Punky had been sought after and considered to join well-known bands such as Kiss, Aerosmith, New York Dolls and Michael Bolton. Upon the disbanding of ANGEL he occupied himself with successful business ventures while continuing to play guitar and write songs.

Through social media, the fans have let him know that they want to hear from him and with his new found passion in music with close friend Danny Farrow Anniello they have written some great new songs for his solo album FALLEN ANGEL. The songs are very melodic yet diverse with catchy choruses that stick with you. Punky is playing better than ever and it really shows on this timeless collection of music. Punky wants to bring the fans the best he has and FALLEN ANGEL proves it.

Also you can hear Felix Robinson on bass guitar former member of Angel also played with 707 and White Lion...and Bobby Pantella on Drums former Raging Slab and is currently with Monster Magnet.

This solo album is a stunning recording, and it is everything that fans old and new will want to hear; we are all giving Punky a very warm welcoming return.

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