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ROB MORATTI Gets Transcendent on June 24

Friday, June 24, 2016
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Escape Music announces the new ROB MORATTI album Transcendent, due out June 24.

Track List: 1- Answer Of Life  4:46 / 2-Don’t Give Up 3:53 / 3- Edge Of Love  4:01 / 4- I’m Back  4:28 / 5-Lost And Lonely 5:31 / 6-I’m Flying High 4:32 / 7-Within Your Eyes 5:06 / 8-Midst Of June 5:06 / 9-There’s No Denying 4:22 / 10-To Be An Honest Man 5:02 / 11-Baby I'm Yours 4:48 / 12-Euphoria 3:06

Rob Moratti - Lead Vocals and all background harmonies.
Torben Enevoldsen - Lead, rhythm guitars and keyboards.
Fredrik Bergh - Keyboards / Tony Franklin - Bass.
Stu Reid - Drums and percussion. / Christian Wolff - Lead and rhythm guitars on "Don't Give Up" and "Lost And Lonely".
Ian Crichton (Saga) - Lead guitars on "I'm Back".

Mixed and Mastered by Richard Chycki
Produced by Rob Moratti
Canadian singer Rob Moratti has had a varied career to date, he first appeared as a songwriter and lead vocalist in the early 90’s for the band “Moratti” and two fine albums were recorded “Desolation” in 1995 and “Legends of Tomorrow” in 1997.
He then took centre stage in the band “Final Frontier” alongside Mladen from Von Groove, a band that went on to record 4 albums and gained a cult following in Europe and Japan. The band played exciting hard melodic rock set apart by Rob’s powerful vocals.

In 2008 Rob was chosen to replace Michael Sadler in the band “Saga”, a fine accolade indeed, and he featured on the 2009 album “Human Condition” as well as touring extensively with the band. Sadler returned to Saga and so Rob went on to record a solo project “Victory” in 2011 with Escape Music. “Victory” had an impressive line-up that included Reb Beach (Whitesnake) and Tony Franklin (The Firm). The album was an instant success and has since become a firm favourite with fans all around the world.

Recently Rob recorded a fine tribute to the band “Journey”, the band that influenced him greatly in his youth, this recording was limited to 1000 numbered units and has since sold out. In addition he provided vocals for the Rage of Angels CD “The Devil’s New Tricks”, an album that really sees his vocals reach new heights.
That brings us to 2016 and Rob has completed his second solo outing “Transcendent” which sees him giving his best performance yet, his vocals have never sounded better as he sings his heart out throughout all 13 tracks. This is Melodic Rock at its very best and with band members that include Torben Enevoldsen and Tony Franklin we are set for a real treat. Guesting on guitar is Saga’s own Michael Crichton, exciting times indeed.

Rob’s career is starting to really take shape, this is one monster album.

ROB MORATTI’S 'Tribute To Journey' Out March 20

Friday, March 20, 2015
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ROB MORATTI’S Tribute To Journey is a brand new studio release featuring Rob’s take on his favourite JOURNEY songs.

Release Date: 20th March via Escape Music

Track Listing:

1. Separate Ways  5.24
2. Only The Young  4.00
3. Dont Stop Believin  4.01
4. Faithfully  4.26
5. Ask The Lonely  3.53
6. Who’s Cryin Now  4.43
7. Lovin Touchin Squeezin  3.53
8. Stone In Love  3.58
9. Anyway You Want It  3.27
10. Why Can’t This Night Go On Forever  3.24
11. Be Good To Yourself  3.56
12. Mother Father  5.31
Rob Moratti  - Vocals And Background Vocals Midi Sampling
Torben Enevoldsen - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Midi Sampling And Background Vocals
Graham Fillier - Guitars, Midi Sampling And Background Vocals
Piero Greco - Bass And Background Vocals
Stu Reid - Drums And Background Vocals
Produced By Rob Moratti

Rob states:
THIS IS MY WAY OF SAYING THANK YOU!! Like many of us I grew up listening to Journey and I was always fascinated and amazed by their melodic songs especially with the gifted tone, range and delivery by the Steve Perry. 
Journey's had a positive effect in my youth and more so in my music. Their music has  encouraged me way back when I was just teenager and there music still moves me today as they remain to be such a great influence.  They still inspires my creative imagination.
I made the entire CD especially because I really had fun recording it.  I promised myself that if I enjoyed making this record with the music I love the most then I would release it and share it with my fans.  I respect them too much to want take it lightly in the studio but I knew it had to be done right. 
I've been fortunate enough and I'm grateful to have had a wide career in music.. After all these wonderful  Rockin' years I still have the ability  to sing the songs that inspired me the most.  This is my way of saying thank you to the band Journey that made the music that continues to touch the hearts of so many of us and very special thank you to Mr. Steve Perry for giving me the best memories with each and every melody.
At the end of the day, this is an enjoyable listen for everyone. For the many that always wanted to hear me sing some classic Journey.  Well here it is.
Enjoy and Keep Rockin'! 
Rob Moratti 2015”
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