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Friday, July 11, 2014
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Statement from Code Of Silence:
It is with heavy heart that I announce that Code of Silence will split and there will be no follow up to our debut album Dark Skies Over Babylon.
There are a number of factors behind this decision, many of which are extremely private and will respectfully remain so, however all the reasons add up to a situation where it would not be possible to produce a high quality output as our debut and that isn't acceptable to any of us. Anything less is being disingenuous to the fans, to ourselves and to the name of Code of Silence.
Therefore, as a band, we have chosen to depart gracefully, with our heads held high and leave behind a simply stunning legacy in our first, and last piece of work, Dark Skies Over Babylon.
We thank all those that supported us and we trust you will understand that this decision was not taken lightly. Protect and Serve!
~ James Murray, 10th July 2014.
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