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EDEN'S CURSE Release First Ever Live DVD

Friday, August 25, 2017
AFM Records have released the first ever Live DVD by Eden's Curse entitled 'Live In Glasgow - The Official Bootleg DVD' as part of the 'Revisited' 10th Anniversary package.
'Live In Glasgow', which is the 'Live With The Curse' live album recording show, features over 18 songs and 100 minutes of music recorded during the 2014 Symphony Of Sin tour. Filmed at The Classic Grand, in the bands spiritual home of Glasgow, Scotland, it was shot in pro HD quality and mixed by the group's long time producer Dennis Ward ( Unisonic, Pink Cream 69).

Sample it for yourself - here's 'Trinity':
Live In Glasgow - Official Bootleg DVD
01. Symphony Of Sin
02. Break The Silence
03. Masquerade Ball
04. Black Widow
05. Trinity
06. Fly Away
07. Just Like Judas
08. Fallen From Grace
09. Jerusalem Sleeps
10. Guitar Solo
11. Time To Breathe
12. Rock Bottom
13. Devil In Disguise
14. Wings To Fly
15. No Holy Man
16. Unbreakable
17. Judgement Day
18. Evil & Divine
19. Angels & Demons

DVD Line Up:
Nicola Mijic - Vocals
Thorsten Koehne - Guitar
Steve Williams - Keyboards
Paul Logue - Bass
John Clelland - Drums

Coupled with the re-recorded debut album, to celebrate it's tenth anniversary, 'Revisited' is the ultimate package for Eden's Curse fans old and new and a fantastic celebration of the record that started it all, from the guys who carry the legacy forward. Over 60 mins of music and 100 mins of film make 'Eden’s Curse - Revisited' a must have for all Eden's Curse & Melodic Metal fans!
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EDEN'S CURSE Release Re-recorded Debut Album & Live DVD August 25

Friday, August 25, 2017
To celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut album, Multinational Melodic Metal band Eden's Curse will release 'Revisited' - a two disc set featuring the debut album re-recorded in it's entirety and a bonus DVD 'Live In Glasgow - The Official Bootleg', on 25th August 2017 worldwide via AFM Records.
Bassist Paul Logue explains: "The first album really was the foundation for all that was to follow and ever since Nikola joined the band we have been inundated with fan requests to re-record the older material and whilst it would be great fun, it would also be the same amount of work as recording a brand new album.
In actual fact, that is one of the main reasons we recorded the live album, 'Live With The Curse', so the fans could hear Nikola's voice on the older songs. However, it did not stop the flow of requests - in fact it made it worse! So, with this pivotal tenth anniversary coming up, we thought it would be a good idea to do it and AFM agreed. It's turned out really great and given the older songs that little bit of freshness. It's not to out-do what went before but to pay homage to a very important record in our career".
The debut re-recordings were mixed by Pete Newdeck (Eden's Curse, Tainted Nation, Grim Reaper) & Mastered by Harry Hess (Harem Scarem).
Coupled with the re-recorded debut album is the 'Live In Glasgow - Official Bootleg' DVD which is the 'Live With The Curse' live album recording show in it's entirety. Filmed at The Classic Grand in Glasgow on 28th November 2014, the release mark's the band first official live DVD release, albeit in a bootleg form. "The footage is absolutely excellent" states bassist Logue. "We did not intend to film a DVD, but the audio recording company brought two cameras along to capture the show and when we saw the results we were really surprised! We put out four videos on You Tube to promote the live album and the fans kept asking to see the full show on DVD. So, here it is!
We've called it a 'bootleg' because it wasn't recorded on 6 cameras, e.g one above the drummer and one on the keyboard player - like we would do for a proper DVD release. However, beyond that is looks and sounds great! We WILL do a DVD in the future but in the meantime this give our fans across the world something to enjoy time and time again and it makes 'Revisited' a very special package indeed" he adds.
'Revisited' is the ultimate package for Eden's Curse fans old and new and a fantastic introduction to the band's music. It's a true celebration of the record that started it all, from the guys who carry the legacy forward. Over 60 mins of music and 100 mins of film make 'Revisited' a must have for all Eden's Curse & Melodic Metal fans.
Order yours today from AFM Records here:
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KHYMERA - The Grand Design (Review)

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Produced By: 
Dennis Ward
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Release Year: 
Friday, December 4, 2015
Like an overblown Jim Steinman Masterpiece, the new rougher, tougher Khymera explodes with the glorious symphony of 80s keyboards and Euro-AOR guitars that is the feisty rocker Never Give Up On You.
This is a slightly different Khymera than we last heard. Dennis Ward is the only constant through all the 4 releases, joined on this occasion by Eric Ragno on keyboards (an inspired choice); Michael Klein on guitars; Felix Bohnke on drums.
Dennis Ward has the prominent writer’s role here – involved in all twelve, with half co-written with Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse).
It’s a slightly heavier Khymera here, and slightly rawer, with Dennis’ vocals definitely turning up the rasp. But other than that, it’s classic Khymera all the way – that is, European, commercial melodic Rock and 80s AOR.
One big chorus after another – all bathed in layers of keyboards, guitars and harmonies.
At this point in time I’m leaning towards this being the best of the Khymera albums to date.
The quality of the songs simply demand it.
Never Give Up On You is one of the catchiest anthems of the year; Say What You Want is a classic old-meets-new rock ballad; I Believe is fast and free flowing AOR; A Night To Remember is straight out of the White Sister playbook, with 80s synth dominating.
Land Of Golden Dreams has a strong, dramatic Gary Hughes/Ten mood to it; The Grand Design goes into overdrive and Streetlight is one of the more lush, emotional ballads of the year.
Who’s Fooling Who is another highlight – perfect moody, uptempo AOR here.
Closing the album is the big piano ballad Where Is The Love, featuring a very soulful vocal.

What can one say? Three very strong AOR releases in one month by the same label – Frontiers. And all pretty much essential.
But if there’s going to be a pecking order, this just comes out on top.
Terrific old school AOR without sounding dated or repetitive.

KHYMERA Back With 'The Grand Design' December 4

Release Year: 
Friday, December 4, 2015
News Feed
The return of the KHYMERA Project - fully in the hands of Dennis Ward
New album 'The Grand Design' out in December on Frontiers
Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of the fourth album of the KHYMERA project entitled “The Grand Design”, on December 4 in Europe and North America.
While the KHYMERA project started out as an alliance between Italian producer/musician, Daniele Liverani and then KANSAS singer Steve Walsh, it actually developed into a regular musical project when Pink Cream 69/Unisonic bassist and producer Dennis Ward came into the picture.
While known as a bass player, Dennis always sings background vocals with his bands, so it was quite interesting for many fans to hear his voice taking the lead on the Khymera albums “A New Promise” and “The Greatest Wonder”. While the project went on hiatus for some time, it was a natural choice now for Dennis to grab the reins and take complete control (both on the songwriting – together with Paul Logue and Michael Klein - and on the production side) of the new album, “The Grand Design”, which comes 7 years after the release of “The Greatest Wonder”.
“Everything changed this time!” says Dennis Ward. “First of all there were no songs written by outside writers, just the people involved in the recordings and Paul.  I wrote all the melodies and lyrics this time, something I had not done on the previous KHYMERA albums, but regardless it was a very comfortable working situation.”
The band is also totally “new”. Other than Ward, no other old members performed on the album. “I was on tour playing with Unisonic in Europe and Japan” tells Dennis, “we had a double headlining bill with Edguy and I was really impressed by Felix Bohnke’s drumming.  He’s a fan of AOR and was more than happy to participate to the new KHYMERA album, which was great because his style fits so well. Whilst collaborating on one song with Paul Logue (EDEN’S CURSE), he came up with an idea to have a certain type of choir in the song which he worked out with Pete Newdeck.  I was so impressed by the choirs Pete made and how they fit to my voice that I asked him to be Khymera’s “backing vocalist”. His choir ideas greatly impacted the entire outcome of the album.   
“A couple songs ideas that Paul Logue presented had beautiful pianos in them,” continues Dennis.  “I too had a piano song and asked Paul who played his piano parts in. He told me of Jim Rykbost, whom I’ve never worked with.  Jim is a down to earth Piano player, not just a keyboarder. With all due respect to many pop/rock keyboarders the true art of playing the Piano seems to get lost these days. Jim had the feel and the mood I was looking for and took the songs to another level. Since I also needed keys I quickly got into contact with Eric Ragno, someone I’ve worked with in the past and has so much experience and class in AOR.  I love his modern approach to building AOR keyboard parts.”
Musically, the new album very much follows along the logical progression of the musical path that was started a few years ago. “The Grand Design” is a strong, extremely melodic release, which showcases the fantastic vocal abilities of Dennis and highlights his great skills as a songwriter and producer.
“The Grand Design” truly offers one of the most shining examples of what great European Melodic Rock is all about: crystal clear production, soaring vocals, killer musicianship and songwriting that reminds fans of the heydays of the genre when bands like Giuffria, Icon, and Signal ruled the airwaves.
“The Grand Design” tracklisting includes: Never Give Up On You; Tell Me Something; Say What You Want; I Believe; A Night To Remember; She’s Got The Love; Land Of Golden Dreams; The Grand Design; Streetlights; Who’s Fooling Who; Finally; Where Is The Love.
Enjoy the new album trailer here:
Dennis Ward: bass guitar and lead vocals
Felix Bohnke: drums
Michael Klein: guitars
Eric Ragno: keyboards
Jim Rybkost: piano, additional keyboards

THE CARSTEN LIZARD SCHULZ SYNDICATE 'The Day The Earth Stopped Turning' Full Info

Thursday, February 12, 2015
News Feed
German vocalist Carsten Schulz has announced the details of his long-in-production solo project THE CARSTEN LIZARD SCHULZ SYNDICATE. The 16 track two-disc release is titled 'The Day The Earth Stopped Turning' and will be released later this year.
From Carsten comes this info:
...the deed is done! After one year of producing and recording, half a decade of songwriting (no, I'm not kiddin'!), it is done:
2 CDs, 16 songs, 1 1/2 hours of Classic Rock!
Keep your fingers crossed, that I will be finding a label crazy enough to release a double solo album of this mostly unknown little singer from Germany trying to revive the true Classic Rock spirit of the 70s!
These are the amazing musicians, that made my dream come true:
Markus Kullmann (FOX / ex-VOODOO CIRCLE / -DESPERADOZ)
Thomas "Hutch" Bauer (EVIDENCE ONE / FRONTLINE)
Alex Jansen (FOX)
Henning Saleschke (THE BRIGHTS)
Michael "Muelli" Mueller (JADED HEART)
Volker Krawczak (AXEL RUDI PELL)
Holger Seeger (DEAD END HEROES)
Erik Norlander (solo artist / LANA LANE / ROCKET SCIENTISTS)
Joerg Wartmann (ex-EVIDENCE ONE / UNHEILIG)
Oliver Hartmann (HARTMANN / AVANTASIA)
Axel Rudi Pell (solo artist)
Stefan Kahne (THE BRIGHTS)
Guido Stoecker (BODYGUERRA)
Kelly Simonz (solo artist)
Tommy Vitaly (solo artist)
Steffen Seeger (MIDNITE CLUB)
Oliver "O.G." Guettinger (ex-CZAKAN / -BACKBONE SLIDE)
Helge Engelke (FAIR WARNING)
Ferdy Doernberg (AXEL RUDI PELL / ex-ULI JON ROTH)
Thorsten Koehne (EDEN'S CURSE / ex-HARDLINE)
Additional backing vocals: Pete Newdeck (TAINTED NATION / ex-EDEN'S CURSE)
Produced by: Steffen Seeger & CLS
Mixed & Mastered by: Rolf Munkes
CD 1:
01. "The Prize Is Shame"  (Music: Steffen Seeger / Lyrics: CLS)
02. "Head's Blowing A Fuse" (Music: Robby Boebel, Steffen Seeger / Lyrics: CLS)
03. "Black Water Soul" (Music: Cede Dupont / Lyrics: CLS)
04. "Dogs" (Music: Steffen Seeger / Lyrics: CLS)
05. "Perfect To Me" (Music: Paul Logue / Lyrics: Paul Logue, CLS)
06. "Into The Blue" (Music: Iain Ashley Hersey, Steffen Seeger / Lyrics: CLS)
07. "Soulburn" (Music: Stefan Kahne, Steffen Seeger / Lyrics: CLS)
08. "Man In Flames" (Music: Steffen Seeger, Roger Kayy, Henning Lachmann, CLS / Lyrics: CLS)
CD 2:
01. "Last Train To Babylon" (Music: Alessandro Del Vecchio / Lyrics: CLS)
02. "Lucky Star" (Music: Steffen & Holger Seeger / Lyrics: CLS)
03. "Song Like Rain" (Music: Emir Hot, Steffen Seeger / Lyrics: CLS)
04. "Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten" (Music: Jay Parmar / Lyrics: CLS)
05. "Brand New Fire" (Music: Jonas Hörnqvist / Lyrics: CLS)
06. "Nothing Left To Give" (Music: Paul Logue / Lyrics: CLS)
07. "Postcards From Hell" (Music: Thomas Muster / Lyrics: CLS)
08. "The Teacher" (Music & Lyrics: Tony Clarkin - MAGNUM Cover!)
...this album is dedicated to the loving memory of my Dad Egon Schulz, the best Dad on Earth!



EDENS' CURSE 'Live With The Curse' 2CD Set Out March 13

Friday, March 13, 2015
News Feed
EDEN'S CURSE will release their first ever live album titled 'Live With The Curse' on 13th March (EU) and 14th April (USA) via AFM Records.

Recorded live at The Classic Grand in Glasgow, Scotland on Friday 28th November, 'Live With The Curse' is packed with over 100 minutes of music on 2 CD's and contains many fan favourites and classics from all four Eden's Curse albums: ‘Eden's Curse' (2007), ‘The Second Coming' (2008), ‘Trinity' (2011) and 2013's ‘Symphony Of Sin'.

Fans from all over Europe, and as far away as Japan, travelled to Glasgow to witness and participate in this truly special event. The energy and vibe of the evening has been perfectly captured thanks to the stunningly powerful mix by the bands long-standing engineer, bassist of Pink Cream 69 and Unisonic - Dennis Ward.

The cover artwork was once again created by graphic designer Thomas Ewerhard (Edguy, Avantasia, Jorn) who has worked with Eden's Curse since the days of their 2007 debut album.

The CD booklet is packed with lots of stunning live pictures and was designed by the bands Web Designer Tadeu Grigolon of HGC Productions.

Eden's Curse will release a live promo video in the coming weeks and announce pre-order links for all territories as soon as they become available.

More info at :
CD One:

1. Symphony Of Sin
2. Break The Silence
3. Masquerade Ball
4. Black Widow
5. Trinity
6. Fly Away
7. Just Like Judas
8. Fallen From Grace
9. Jerusalem Sleeps
10. Guitar Solo
11. Time To Breathe

CD Two:

1. Rock Bottom
2. Devil In Disguise
3. Wings To Fly
4. No Holy Man
5. Unbreakable
6. Judgement Day
7. Band Introductions
8. Evil & Divine
9. Angels & Demons

DEAD END HEROES - Road Kill (Review)

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Produced By: 
Dead End Heroes
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Hard Rock
AOR Heaven
Friday, October 31, 2014
Dead End Heroes features a couple of very busy guys – vocalist Carsten Lizard Schulz and bassist Paul Logue. Producer and guitarist Rolf Munkes is a busy lad too, so it's cool to see these guys on a project together.
The very impressive and loud rhythm section also features drummer Daniel Voegeli.
Holger Seeger adds some classic Hammond Organ for that old school hard rock sound.
Without trying to over simplify the songwriting involved here – this is a very straight ahead hard rocking album.
The performances are quite electric – there's clearly a lot of effort put into capturing the guys at their collective best here, best evidenced by the cage rattling hard rocker the band takes their name from.
This is a very consistent sounding album – it's one track after another of European blend hard hitting classic melodic metal/hard rock.
I'm not into the lead track Roadkill that much, but the heavy Blue Murder/organ drenched style Cry For The Moon is all class as is the bold epic 7 minute metaller Stormfront.
Hands Off The Wheel rocks along at a good pace and the song And The Loser Is, is as catchy as anything on the album.
The Fire's Worth The Loneliness is another stand out.
There's a certain sameness to some songs, but the big winners here are fans of in your face hard rock with guitars thrust firmly to the front of the mix.
I can hear some Eden's Curse in the rhythm and the harmony vocals, but also latter day Jaded Heart.
A quality release for fans of European hard rock. Maybe a touch too long at nearly an hour in length.


Friday, July 11, 2014
News Feed
Statement from Code Of Silence:
It is with heavy heart that I announce that Code of Silence will split and there will be no follow up to our debut album Dark Skies Over Babylon.
There are a number of factors behind this decision, many of which are extremely private and will respectfully remain so, however all the reasons add up to a situation where it would not be possible to produce a high quality output as our debut and that isn't acceptable to any of us. Anything less is being disingenuous to the fans, to ourselves and to the name of Code of Silence.
Therefore, as a band, we have chosen to depart gracefully, with our heads held high and leave behind a simply stunning legacy in our first, and last piece of work, Dark Skies Over Babylon.
We thank all those that supported us and we trust you will understand that this decision was not taken lightly. Protect and Serve!
~ James Murray, 10th July 2014.
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