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AXEL RUDI PELL - Sign Of The Times (Review)

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I could be a lazy reviewer and just write 'Axel. Rudi. Pell'. You’d still know exactly what to expect from the German guitar wiz and his right-hand man, Johnny Gioeli. I’ve expressed some disinterest in the last couple of albums, due mainly to the restrictions of delivering the same formula album after album, but I’m very happy to declare this album head and shoulders above the last couple of records, with stronger songs and some terrific melodies – delivered by both guitar and vocals.
While there are no surprises, this album’s surge of urgency has definitely re-sparked my interest in Axel’s unmistakable style. I think fans will be more than happy.

AXEL RUDI PELL - "Only The Strong Will Survive (Live)" (Official Video)

German Metal wizard AXEL RUDI PELL releases a new digital single and video for the song "Only The Strong Will Survive (live)" today. The song is taken from the forthcoming live album "XXX Anniversary Live".
Axel Rudi Pell says: "Only The Strong Will Survive" was recorded live in Langen, Germany last year during our "Knights Call" Tour with the quiet guitar opening part coming from our show in Memmingen. Originally from the "Kings & Queens" album, we played that track live for the very first time last year and we really had fun doing that!"
XXX Anniversary Live will be released worldwide through Steamhammer/SPV on June 07th, 2019 as 2CD digipak version 3LP gatefold version, download and stream:

AXEL RUDI PELL Celebrates 30 Years With 'XXX Anniversary Live' June 7

Friday, June 7, 2019
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And the world has changed. Axel Rudi Pell hasn’t. For three decades, the Bochum-based guitarist has ticked and worked like a Swiss clock releasing critically acclaimed hard rocking albums consistently. Like his anniversary offering, a live document of his most recent tour. And it will come out on the same record company as his debut in 1989; his contract with legendary label SPV/Steamhammer having lasted longer than the average marriage these days. “SPV and I have grown together, we have witnessed highs and lows and we’ve managed to get through them all,” the 58-year-old musician states with a smile. “Never change a winning team” is the secret of his success. Having sold more than 1.6 million records so far, Pell also has a ridiculous amount of online streams: his songs have been streamed more than 37.5 million times, figures he would never have dreamt of when he first started out.
“XXX Anniversary Live”, his 30th album release in as many years, will see the light of day on June 7th 2019. A milestone by all accounts and a stunning document of his most recent tour which he did not plan at all, but the recordings, from Bochum and Budapest among others, were so good that he felt he just couldn’t scrap them. They are a worthy follow-up to “Magic Moments”, his 3-hour anniversary show at the ‘Bang Your Head’ festival in 2014, where he celebrated 25 years as a solo artist. BTW: Pell is planning to bring out another studio effort in spring 2020. The Swiss clock from the Ruhr area is till ticking.
1. The Medieval Overture (Intro) 1:48
2. The Wild And The Young 4:41
3. Wildest Dreams 6:12
4. Fool Fool 5:10
5. Oceans Of Time 5:47
6. Only The Strong Will Survive 6:15
7. Mystica (incl. Drum Solo) 14:24
8. Long Live Rock 6:31
1. Game Of Sins / Tower Of Babylon (incl. Keyboard Solo) 16:07
2. The Line 9:12
3. Warrior 4:44
4. Edge Of The World (incl. Band Introduction) 6:53
5. Truth And Lies 2:29
6. Carousel 5:10
7. The Masquerade Ball / Casbah 8:24
8. Rock The Nation 6:37
"XXX Anniversary Live" will be released on June 07th, 2019 in the following configurations:
=> 2 CD DigiPak 
=> 3LP gatefold, 180 g, black vinyl, printed inner sleeves, 2CDs in paper sleeves
=> Download 
=> Streaming
Line Up:
- Johnny Gioeli - Lead and Backing Vocals
- Axel Rudi Pell 
- Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
- Ferdy Dooernberg - Keyboards
- Volker Kraawczak - Bass
- Bobby Rondinelli - Drums
AXEL RUDI PELL "30th Anniversary" Tour 2019:
05.06. DE-Ulm - Ulmer Zelt
07.06. SE-Sölvesborg - Sweden Rock Festival
08.06. DE-Kiel - Pumpe
09.06. DE-Jena - F-Haus
11.06. DE-Mannheim - 7er Club (Open Air Stage)
12.06. DE-Gunzendorf - GUNZlive
13.06. DE-Osnabrück - Hyde Park
14.06. DE-Bochum - Zeche (sold out)
15.06. CH-Pratteln - Z7

AXEL RUDI PELL - "The Wild And The Young" (Official Lyric Video)

German Metal wizard AXEL RUDI PELL release a new digital single and lyric video for the song "The Wild And The Young" today. The song is taken from the current studio album "Knights Call".
Axel Rudi Pell says: 'The Wild And The Young' is, after the intro, the opening number of our latest longplayer 'Knights Call' and also the concert opener of our recent tour. Highly acclaimed by the fans, we will also open the second leg of our upcoming tour, which will last from October 18th till November 4th, with that track. I personally think, that this song is one of the strongest I wrote so far, very powerful and well equipped with a catchy chorus. We're looking forward to the tour and can't wait!"

AXEL RUDI PELL New Album 'Knights Call' Out March 23

Friday, March 23, 2018
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'I'd rather have long-term success than the hit album everybody is always referring to.' Axel Rudi Pell knows exactly what he is talking about. His solo career has lasted for almost three decades now. In the international hard rocking universe, Pell is nothing short of a phenomenon: a musician who flies under the radar, but certainly isn't invisible. He's an honest worker who has learned his skills from scratch. He's never experienced writer's block, has never followed trends or fashions. You know what to expect from him. 
So, what's new? 'Game Of Sins' from 2016 was a huge success and peaked at no. 11 in the German charts. Its successor is called 'Knights Call' and studio album no. 17 (in words: seventeen). That's a fact and more than a symbol of steadily releasing albums on SPV/Steamhammer, Pell's tried and trusted label since 1989. More than 1.5 million people worldwide have bought Pell's albums. What an impressive number! But there is no reason for the axeman to rest on his laurels. 'Why should I retire?' asks the 57-year-old. And answers his own question: 'As long as I can do what I like I'm the happiest man in the world.' 
Basically Pell is living his very own dream: He has turned his hobby into a profession. But there's also a lot of determination involved. His ongoing passion drives him all the time, he's always on the lookout for a better chorus, a better solo, a better bridge, a better song. 'Writing songs is like a lot of things in life: It's my way or the highway!' His confidence in his abilities is enormous, but he also knows that he can rely on his German-American dream team featuring singer Johnny Gioeli and drummer Bobby Rondinelli. And of course, his fans are very important to him. 'For me, direct feedback is essential. Playing only in the studio would be boring. Who would sign up for that?'

AXEL RUDI PELL 2018 is about more grooves, more melodies and more diversity. The mix between medieval mysticism and fantasy folklore is still there, but there's been a bit of fine tuning.
 4)   LONG LIVE ROCK 5:34
 6)   TRUTH AND LIES 4:48
 8)   SLAVES ON THE RUN 5:13
 9)   FOLLOW THE SUN 5:12
"Knights Call" will be released March 23rd, 2018 through SPV/Steamhammer in the following configurations:
=> Ltd. DigiPak incl. Poster
=> Jewel Case Clear Tray Edition
=> 2LP Gatefold, 180 g, red vinyl with black swirls, printed inner sleeves, CD in paper sleeve
=> Download
=> Streaming
=> Ltd Boxset incl.: CD Digi, 2LP, Stainless Steel Skull Beer Mug , A1 Poster, Sticker, Photocard, Patch (Europe only)

Line Up:

• Johnny Gioeli
- Lead and Backing Vocals
• Axel Rudi Pell - Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
• Ferdy Doernberrg - Keyboards
• Volker Krawczak - Bass
• Bobby Rondinelli - Drums
26.04. DE-Bochum - Zeche
27.04. DE-Saarbracken - Garage
28.04. DE-Aschaffenburg - Colos-Saal
29.04. DE-Nurnberg - Hirsch
01.05. DE-Munich - Backstage
02.05. DE-Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
04.05. NL-Weert - De Bosuil
05.05. DE-Erfurt - HsD
06.05. DE-Bochum - Zeche
08.05. DE-Berlin - Huxley's
09.05. DE-Hamburg - Grosse Freiheit
10.05. SE-Gothenburg - Sticky Fingers
11.05. NO-Kopervik - Karmoygeddon Festival
13.05. SE-Stockholm - Klubben
14.05. SE-Malmo - KB
05.-07.07. ES-Barcelona - Barcelona Rockfest
08.07. DE-Manchengladbach - Sparkassen Park (with Deep Purple)



AXEL RUDI PELL Brings 'The Ballads V' To Fans April 21

Friday, April 21, 2017
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- New ballads album "The Ballads V" out April 21 -
- Digital single and video for "Love's Holding On" feat. Bonnie Tyler out March 31 -
In January 2016, just after its release, his most recent studio album 'Games of Sins' entered the charts in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic and for the first time in the UK. Now Bochum-based guitar wizard AXEL RUDI PELL has announced the arrival of his next offering: 'The Ballads V' is set to hit record stores and digital platforms on 21st April 2017 via Steamhammer/SPV. In true PELL tradition, part five of his successful ballad compilation series features a smooth balance between the past six years and some brand-new songs.
For the first time ever in his almost thirty-year career as a solo artist, AXEL RUDI PELL welcomes a special guest star on one of his albums: rock legend BONNIE TYLER has recorded a stunning duet with ARP's longtime singer Johnny Gioeli. AXEL RUDI PELL is justly proud of his new single 'Love's Holding On' (street date: 31st March 2017), saying: 'BONNIE  TYLER only records songs she personally likes. So I wrote this tune just for her and she really loved it. She came to the studio and we recorded it within a couple of hours. The result is amazing – another soon-to-be PELL classic in the making. If I haadn't been a fan already, I would have turned into one instantly.'
Apart from another brand-new track called 'On The Edge Of Our Time', PELL has again risen to new challenges with his rocking version of the Ed Sheeran hit 'I See Fire' (known from the motion picture blockbuster 'The Hobbit'), which is an interesting take on one the best ballads in recent years. It shows that even hard rockers like PELL can have a sensitive side, and quite successfully at that.
The other seven tracks on 'The Ballads V' (among them a new take on Neil Young's 'Hey Hey My My', a live version of the Deep Purple classic 'Mistreated' and a previously unreleased live recording of his own fine ballad 'The Line'), present AXEL RUDI PELL at his best.    
PELL has established himself as an outstanding rock star, having sold up to 1.5 million records worldwide. Since leaving the influential German metal outfit Steeler in 1989, he's been out there on his own, recording and touring with some of the finest vocalists from the world of rock music: Charlie Huhn (Ted Nugent, Gary Moore, Victory, Humble Pie, Foghat), Rob Rock (Impelliteri, Driver, Joshua, Avantasia), Jeff Scott Soto (Yngwie Malmsteen, Soul Sirkus, Talisman, Journey, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) and last but not least the mighty Johnny Gioeli, who has been working with Axel since 1997 (having been in Hardline before that, a project started by Journey guitar legend Neal Schon in 1991).
"The Ballads V" will be released on April 21st 2017 through SPV/Steamhammer as CD digipack (incl. poster), double gatefold purple vinyl, limited boxset (incl. CD digipack, powerbank, CD slim case single, sticker, photocard - Europe only), download and stream.
1) Love's Holding On 5:06 (new song feat. Bonnie Tyler)
2) I See Fire 6:02 (new cover version, Ed Sheeran song)
3) On The Edge Of Our Time 7:42 (new song)
4) Hey Hey My My 5:02
5) Lived Our Lives Before 6:31
6) When Truth Hurts 6:46
7) Forever Free 8:27
8) Lost In Love 6:05
9) The Line (live) 7:31 (previously unreleased)
10) Mistreated (live) 14:12
Live 2017:
14.06.D-Augsburg - Spectrum
15.06.D-St. Goarshausen - RockFels Festival
16.06.CH-Pratteln - Z7
17.06.B-Dessel - Graspop Metal Meeting

AXEL RUDI PELL 'Game Of Sins' Chart Positions

Release Year: 
Friday, January 15, 2016
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The new album "Game Of Sins" of german guitar wizard AXEL RUDI PELL entered the official german album charts at # 11 ( In the german Media Markt / Saturn Charts the album hit # 9 ( and in the new german MegaCharts # 12 (
In Switzerland the album entered the official album charts even one place higher at # 10 ( and in Austria at # 42 (
Furthermore with this album AXEL RUDI PELL entered the official british charts for the very first time. # 40 in the Rock & Metal Charts ( and # 11 in the Indie Breaker Charts (
"Game Of Sins" was released January 15th, 2016 (USA January 22nd 2016)  through SPV/Steamhammer in the following configurations:

- DigiPak incl. 1 Bonus Track and Poster
- Jewel Case Clear Tray Edition
- 2LP Gatefold, 180 g, black Vinyl, CD in paper sleeve
- Download Version
- Ltd Boxset incl. Digi, 2LP, Miniatur Replica Fender Guitar 1:4 incl. ARP Gift Box Case, Poster, Sticker, Photocard

Line Up:

Johnny Gioeli
>- Lead and Backing Vocals
Axel Rudi Pell - Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Ferdy Doernberg - Keyboards
Volker Krawczak - Bass
Bobby Rondinelli - Drums


"Game Of Sins" - Tour Part 1
with special guests MOB RULES

01.04.16 D-Hamburg - Grosse Freiheit 36
02.04.16 D-Karlsruhe - Substage
03.04.16 D-Nürnberg - Hirsch
05.04.16 D-Munich - Backstage
06.04.16 D-Berlin - Huxleys
08.04.16 D-Osnabrück - Hyde Park
09.04.16 B-Vosselaar - Biebob
10.04.16 NL-Zwolle - Hedon
12.04.16 D-Cologne - Live Music Hall
13.04.16 D-Aschaffenburg - Colos-Saal
15.04.16 D-Erfurt - Stadtgarten
16.04.16 CH-Pratteln - Z7
17.04.16 CH-Pratteln - Z7


30.07.16 D-Pyras - Pyraser Classic Rock Night
04.-06.08.16 D-Wacken - Wacken Open Air (sold out)

"Game Of Sins" - Tour Part 2

02.09.16 D-Bremen - Aladin
03.09.16 NL-Weert - De Bosuil
04.09.16 D-Bochum - Zeltfestival Ruhr
06.09.16 D-Saarbrücken - Garage
07.09.16 D-Hannover - Capitol
09.09.16 D-Leipzig - Hellraiser
10.09.16 CZ-Zlin - Masters Of Rock Cafe
11.09.16 A-Vienna - SiMM City
13.09.16 D-Frankfurt - Batschkapp
14.09.16 D-Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
16.09.16 D-Memmingen - Kaminwerk
17.09.16 I-Novara - Phenomenon
18.09.16 A-Wörgl - Komma

Tickets Germany:

Lyric Video:

AXEL RUDI PELL Prepares His 'Game Of Sins' For January

Release Year: 
Friday, January 15, 2016
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- New Album "Game Of Sins" out January 15th 2016 (USA January 22nd 2016) -

It was to be the highlight of his career. And it is. When Axel Rudi Pell celebrated his first 25 years as a solo artist with a 3-hour-plus show in Balingen/Germany on 11 July 2014, he not only awed the 15,000 fans in front of the stage. Released on 24 April 2015, the live recording of this once-in-a-lifetime concert entitled “Magic Moments” went straight to # 1 in the German and Swedish DVD charts, # 4 in Switzerland, # 7 in Austria, and # 17 in the Netherlands. Anybody expecting Axel to rest on his laurels after that spectacular feat doesn’t know the man and his work ethic.

Already collecting ideas in the summer of 2014, he ensconced himself in the studio again in fall 2015. “Everything went according to plan,” he smiles. So nothing went wrong? Nothing new on the ARP front? Again, the objective observer doesn‘t know Axel. Anyone assuming that he would invite his numerous festival guests on his next studio album for another anniversary celebration knows nothing about the man. ARP can do it on his own. And he wants to do it on his own. “I never even thought of having guest musicians on this album,” he explains. And why should he? Since Bobby Rondinelli (ex-Rainbow/Black Sabbath/Blue Öyster Cult) joined the ARP fold in 2013, the band sounds tighter than ever because Bobby fits like a glove“. Pell pooints out that Rondinelli is the perfect drummer who always knows exactly what to play; on “Game Of Sins” even more so than on the predecessor album “Into The Storm” (released in 2014, # 5 in Germany). So it comes as no surprise that Axel’s 16th studio recording featuring original material is a definite winner. “Everybody involved agrees,” he grins. “There’s not a single filler on the album.” Which apparently was not the case on some of his previous offerings, as he admits with a smirk. “Game Of Sins” is way harder, grittier, the songwriting even more accomplished, experience meeting excellence again.

Especially sound-wise, ARP appears to have made a quantum leap: “Looking back, I have to admit that the drums on the last album stayed too much in the background,” a fact which has changed for the better: they sound much fuller and much more aggressive this time around and have been adapted to suit the new songs. Having said that, this album is a must-have not only for air drummers riff fetishists and solo aficionados will also love ARP’s new material. And it’s no secret that vocalist Johnny Gioeli counts among the best of his profession. All in all, “Game Of Sins” presents a band at the peak of its powers. Although the sleeve and the intro “Lenta Fortuna” (Latin for bad luck) may suggest that this is a concept album about gambling it is not. “Game Of Sins” is ARP at his best: the sirens in the metallic opener “Fire” are a perfect wake-up call, “Sons In The Night” with its “Sons Of Anarchy”-inspired lyrics pays tribute to the NWOBHM. The title track is the longest number on the album, nine minutes of those epic structures and Arabian scales which Pell is so fond of. “Falling Star” once again refers to the early 80s.

Is there an ARP album without a ballad? They may well be one day, but as long as Axel writes beautiful specimen such as “Lost In Love”, there’s bound to be one. Among the recording’s highlights features “The King Of Fools” with its his five minutes of pure emotion, a perfect symbiosis between steeliness and melody, with an unbelievable performance by Gioeli, but don’t forget to listen to Axel’s guitars on the verses! “Till The World Says Goodbye” again presents Pell in his element: an epic, almost dark and doomy ballad, a moving soundtrack for the Judgment Day. “Breaking The Rules” is another melodic rock song, before the regular album finishes with a slow number called “Forever Free”. But the crowning glory is included in the Digipak format: ARP is the first musician to successfully deliver a real hard-rocking version of the almighty Bob Dylan/Jimi Hendrix classic “All Along The Watchtower”; which has been his heart’s desire for a long time, as Axel explains. “That song is far from easy to arrange, but the result is definitely worth the effort.” Or, to be more precise: “Everything went according to plan.” What more can you ask? “Game Of Sins” is doubtlessly another highlight in ARP’s career. And there are many more to come. 


1)   LENTA FORTUNA  (INTRO)  01:24
2)   FIRE  05:34
3)   SONS IN THE NIGHT  05:07
4)   GAME OF SINS  08:43
5)   FALLING STAR  05:14
6)   LOST IN LOVE  06:07
7)   THE KING OF FOOLS  04:58
10) FOREVER FREE  08:29
11)  DigiPak Bonustrack: ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER  06:03

"Game Of Sins" will be released January 15th 2016 (USA January 22nd) through SPV/Steamhammer in the following configurations:

- DigiPak incl. 1 Bonus Track and Poster
- Jewel Case Clear Tray Edition
- 2LP Gatefold, 180 g, black Vinyl, CD in paper sleeve
- Download Version
- Ltd Boxset incl. Digi, 2LP, Miniatur Replica Fender Guitar 1:4 incl. ARP Gift Box Case, Poster, Sticker, Photocard

Line Up:

- Johnny Gioeli
- Lead and Backing Vocals
- Axel Rudi Pell - Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
- Ferdy Doernberg - Keyboards
- Volker Krawczak - Bass
- Bobby Rondinelli - Drums

AXEL RUDI PELL - Magic Moments, Live (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Axel Rudi Pell
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Hard Rock
Release Year: 
Axel celebrated his 25th Anniversary last year with an all-star concert event featuring guests from throughout his esteemed career.
From his early days in Steeler, to his early solo career with Jeff Scott Soto, through to today, continuing on with Johnny Gioeli.
The concert takes a cool snapshot of that entire span in chronological order.
Unfortunately it starts with the worst segment of the night, the Steeler reunion, all mainly due to the rough and largely unlikable vocalist Peter Burtz.
Thankfully we go from the basement to the penthouse after just 4 tracks, when Rob Rock jumps onboard for Nasty Reputation, the title track of the album he fronted.
Then it’s on to Jeff Scott Soto, who slays the crowd as usual with Warrior and Fool Fool.
The current ARP band is then ushered to the stage to deliver some Axel goodness. 3 of the next 5 tunes are over 9 minutes in length and one is 7. It’s Axel at his epic best, with Johnny singing his heart out. Strong As A Rock and Long Way To Go are both high energy delights and a 9 minute Hey Hey Now Now is the very definition of epic.
30 minutes of crossover tracks and live favourites follow until a few more covers appear – Montrose’s Rock The Nation is short, sharp and to the point; Ronnie Atkins joins in for Black Night; Tush features John Lawton and a 14 minute Mistreated features Doogie White, Tony Carey and Johnny Gioeli.
Graham Bonnet, Michael Voss, Doogie White tear down Since You’ve Been Gone, with Long Live Rock n Roll and completely over the top Smoke On The Water close out this truly epic event.
3CDs or DVDs might not be enough for flag waving ARP fan club members, but for the general populace, it’s more than enough and a fitting high quality way to pay tribute to one of Germany’s finest ever guitarists and metal legends.
Truly one for the fans here.

AXEL RUDI PELL's 'Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show' Chart Positions

Friday, May 8, 2015
News Feed

The new AXEL RUDI PELL DVD "Magic Moments" entered the official music DVD charts in the following countries:

# 1 Germany
# 1 Sweden
# 4 Switzerland
# 6 Austria
# 17 Holland

Furthermore the package entered the official German album charts at #17.

"Magic Moments" was filmed and recorded at Axel´s 25th anniversary show at last years Bang Your Head Festival incl. a lot of guest stars like Graham Bonnet, Jeff Scott Soto, Vinny Appice, John Lawton and many more.

Watch the teaser incl. video of "Since You Been Gone" feat. Graham Bonnet here:

"Magic Moments"
is available as a digipak 3 CD version, digipak 3 DVD version (NTSC, code free), Blu-ray version and download - out now through SPV/Steamhammer

AXEL RUDI PELL's 25th Anniversary Show 'Magic Moments' Due on CD/DVD

Friday, February 20, 2015
News Feed

- "Magic Moments - 25th Anniversary Special Show" - the anniversary concert out in April -

It was a hot summer night and the beach was burning Wrong song, wrong place! But the weather gods smiled on Axel Rudi Pell on that memorable magic evening of July 11th 2014:  There had been a severe weather alert, but in the end the floodgates of heaven opened only during the last song of his regular set, the Rainbow classic “Long Live Rock´n´Roll“. “That was Ronnie James Dio crying from above,” promoter Horst E. Franz speculated while bidding his farewells to the almost 15.000 drenched- but-happy fans at the festival site.

Three hours before the sun went down, creating a beautiful atmosphere at the ´Bang Your Head´ festival in Balingen/Germany, where Axel Rudi Pell celebrated his 25th anniversary as a solo artist with a once-in-a-life-time performance. The CDs and DVDs document a show that is unlikely to ever be seen again in this constellation - a special present the protagonist had worked hard for. It took almost a year to set everything up: “The actual organisation started in the summer of 2014 when the promoter and I went public with the idea of this event,” Axel tells with obvious relief. He´s still happy about how things have turned out. With a little help from his friends at his booking agency, the Bochum guitarist set up an extraordinary line-up. “It was mostly all about personal contacts”, because after more than 30 years in the business Axel Rudi Pell is not only well-known, but also well-respected in the worldwide rock community, so the affix “& Friends“ is not one of those usual exaggerations. Almost all of his favoured candidates agreed on this one July date.

As Axel is an early bird, the whole organisation was fairly easy. Of course there were rehearsals, but only one day before the show. Over fifty minutes worth of footage from those remarkable sessions are featured on the DVD and Blu-ray versions of this package. During those sessions Axel realized that something unique was happening. “Everybody involved had a blast and was right on track,” he remembers. Unfortunately, Doogie White had a prior engagement with Michael Schenker on that rehearsal day, but was replaced with ARP frontman Johnny Gioeli. And except for Charlie Huhn, who had already agreed to play a gig in the USA with his current band Foghat, Axel´s former singers turned out in full force: Rob Rock (1991) and Jeff Scott Soto (1991-1997) together with long-time ARP drummer Joerg Michael (until 1998) took the stage by storm after a historical four-song Steeler reunion at the beginning of the show.
Axel´s current line-up put on a best-of show with a blisteringly atmospheric version of the Neil Young classic “Hey Hey My My“ and a few epic ARP classics like “Mystica“, “The Masquerade Ball“, “Casbah“ and “Into The Storm“. You could feel those goose bumps spring up, and the climax was still to come: after a furioso battle between drum gods Vinny Appice and Bobby Rondinelli, a long list of rock legends took the Balingen stage: stepping in for Joe Lynn Turner, who was tied up with business affairs, Pretty Maids frontman Ronnie Atkins performed a superb version of Deep Purple´s “Black Night“, including audience sing along. Then John Lawton, the former voice of Uriah Heep, demonstrated why he still deserves a lot of “Sympathy“ (Uriah Heep), and he was still looking for some “Tush“ (ZZ Top). When ex-Rainbow keyboard player Tony Carey joined in for an emotional “Mistreated“, the now available Doogie White and Johnny Gioeli set the roof on fire. Graham Bonnet, another Rainbow veteran from the glorious “Down To Earth“ era, remembered the good old times with “Since You Been Gone“ and, of course, the aforementioned “Long Live Rock´n´Roll“. At the end of those three hours plus all guests (and friends!) gathered on stage for the grand finale “Smoke On The Water“. A legendary evening drew to a spectacular close. Are you happy, Axel? “Of course! I could have played at least for another hour.” Did anything go wrong? Notthing, but there was no way we could have prevented those long change-overs in between.“ But at least the weather gods smiled

To get an idea what really happened that night, here is "Black Night" - live feat. Ronnie Atkins:

Call Her Princess - Steeler
Night After Night - Steeler
Rockin´ The City - Steeler
Undercover Animal - Steeler
Nasty Reputation - Rob Rock, Joerg Michael
Warrior - Jeff Scott Soto, Joerg Michael
Fool Fool - Jeff Scott Soto, Joerg Michael

(Current Arp Band)
Burning Chains
Strong As A Rock
Long Way To Go
Hey Hey My My
Into The Storm
Too Late / Eternal Prisoner / Too Late
The Masquerade Ball / Casbah
Rock The Nation
Drum Battle - Vinnie Appice, Bobby Rondinelli
Black Night - Ronnie Atkins
Sympathy - John Lawton
Tush - John Lawton
Mistreated - Doogie White, Tony Carey, Johnny Gioeli
Since You Been Gone - Graham Bonnet, Michael Voss, Doogie White
Long Live Rock´N´Roll Doogie White, Graham Bonnet, Tony Carey
Smoke On The Water All Guests

Axel Rudi Pell
- Guitars
Johnny Gioeli - Vocals
Ferdy Doernberg - Keyboards
Volker Krawczak - Bass
Bobby Rondinelli Drums

Steeler: Peter Burtz (v), Tom Eder (g), Roland Hag (b), Jan Yiridal (dr)
Rob Rock (v), Jeff Scott Soto (v), Joerg Michael (dr), Vinny Appice (dr), Ronnie Atkins (v), John Lawton (v), Tony Carey (k, v), Doogie White (v), Graham Bonnet (v), Michael Voss (v)

Configurations / Release Dates:

Digipak 3 CD, Digipak 3 DVD (NTSC, code free), Blu-ray and download - out in Scandinavia on April 22nd, in Germany on April 24th, in Europe on April 27th and in the USA on April 28th through SPV/Steamhammer

THE CARSTEN LIZARD SCHULZ SYNDICATE 'The Day The Earth Stopped Turning' Full Info

Thursday, February 12, 2015
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German vocalist Carsten Schulz has announced the details of his long-in-production solo project THE CARSTEN LIZARD SCHULZ SYNDICATE. The 16 track two-disc release is titled 'The Day The Earth Stopped Turning' and will be released later this year.
From Carsten comes this info:
...the deed is done! After one year of producing and recording, half a decade of songwriting (no, I'm not kiddin'!), it is done:
2 CDs, 16 songs, 1 1/2 hours of Classic Rock!
Keep your fingers crossed, that I will be finding a label crazy enough to release a double solo album of this mostly unknown little singer from Germany trying to revive the true Classic Rock spirit of the 70s!
These are the amazing musicians, that made my dream come true:
Markus Kullmann (FOX / ex-VOODOO CIRCLE / -DESPERADOZ)
Thomas "Hutch" Bauer (EVIDENCE ONE / FRONTLINE)
Alex Jansen (FOX)
Henning Saleschke (THE BRIGHTS)
Michael "Muelli" Mueller (JADED HEART)
Volker Krawczak (AXEL RUDI PELL)
Holger Seeger (DEAD END HEROES)
Erik Norlander (solo artist / LANA LANE / ROCKET SCIENTISTS)
Joerg Wartmann (ex-EVIDENCE ONE / UNHEILIG)
Oliver Hartmann (HARTMANN / AVANTASIA)
Axel Rudi Pell (solo artist)
Stefan Kahne (THE BRIGHTS)
Guido Stoecker (BODYGUERRA)
Kelly Simonz (solo artist)
Tommy Vitaly (solo artist)
Steffen Seeger (MIDNITE CLUB)
Oliver "O.G." Guettinger (ex-CZAKAN / -BACKBONE SLIDE)
Helge Engelke (FAIR WARNING)
Ferdy Doernberg (AXEL RUDI PELL / ex-ULI JON ROTH)
Thorsten Koehne (EDEN'S CURSE / ex-HARDLINE)
Additional backing vocals: Pete Newdeck (TAINTED NATION / ex-EDEN'S CURSE)
Produced by: Steffen Seeger & CLS
Mixed & Mastered by: Rolf Munkes
CD 1:
01. "The Prize Is Shame"  (Music: Steffen Seeger / Lyrics: CLS)
02. "Head's Blowing A Fuse" (Music: Robby Boebel, Steffen Seeger / Lyrics: CLS)
03. "Black Water Soul" (Music: Cede Dupont / Lyrics: CLS)
04. "Dogs" (Music: Steffen Seeger / Lyrics: CLS)
05. "Perfect To Me" (Music: Paul Logue / Lyrics: Paul Logue, CLS)
06. "Into The Blue" (Music: Iain Ashley Hersey, Steffen Seeger / Lyrics: CLS)
07. "Soulburn" (Music: Stefan Kahne, Steffen Seeger / Lyrics: CLS)
08. "Man In Flames" (Music: Steffen Seeger, Roger Kayy, Henning Lachmann, CLS / Lyrics: CLS)
CD 2:
01. "Last Train To Babylon" (Music: Alessandro Del Vecchio / Lyrics: CLS)
02. "Lucky Star" (Music: Steffen & Holger Seeger / Lyrics: CLS)
03. "Song Like Rain" (Music: Emir Hot, Steffen Seeger / Lyrics: CLS)
04. "Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten" (Music: Jay Parmar / Lyrics: CLS)
05. "Brand New Fire" (Music: Jonas Hörnqvist / Lyrics: CLS)
06. "Nothing Left To Give" (Music: Paul Logue / Lyrics: CLS)
07. "Postcards From Hell" (Music: Thomas Muster / Lyrics: CLS)
08. "The Teacher" (Music & Lyrics: Tony Clarkin - MAGNUM Cover!)
...this album is dedicated to the loving memory of my Dad Egon Schulz, the best Dad on Earth!



SPV/Steamhammer Update Includes MAGNUM Live Album News

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
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17 November => MAGNUM "On Christmas Day" - 10" Single (Europe, UK Release December 01st)
01 December => SODOM "Sacred Warpath" - CD-EP/10" Single
01 December => BATTLEAXE "Power From The Universe" - CD Re-Release
01 December => MOTÖRHEAD "Stagefright" - Blu-ray
01 December => UFO "Showtime" - Blu-ray


19 January => ALPHA TIGER "iDentity" - CD
19 January => NIGHT DEMON "Curse Of The Damned" - CD
23 February => UFO - "A Conspiracy Of Stars" - CD
30 March => PRONG - "Songs From The Black Hole" - Covers CD

Also coming in Spring 2015

"Goody 2 Shoes & The Filthy Beast - CD
RAVEN - "ExtermiNation" - CD
AXEL RUDI PELL - 25th Anniversary Concert DVD
RUNNING WILD - new studio album
MAGNUM - new live album
PRO-PAIN - new studio album
VIRGIN STEELE - new studio album
PSYCHOPUNCH - new studio album



"iDentity" Tour 2015
23.01. D-Berlin - Cassiopeia
24.01. D-Leipzig - Hellraiser
07.02. D-Cham - LA
13.02. D-Essen - Turock
14.02. B-Kortrijk - Metal `til Midnight Festival
21.02. D-Lindau - Club Vaudeville
04.-06.06. D-Geiselwind - Out & Loud Festival
Tour Agency: MAD, Berlin
New Album: "iDentity" (19 January 2015)

"Hope in Hell" Tour 2014
21.11.D-Reichenbach - E Werk
22.11.PL-Breslau - Klub Liverpool
23.11.PL-Posen - Klub u Bazyla
24.11.D-Berlin - C Club
26.11.D-Nuernberg - Hirsch
27.11.I-Turin - Audiodrom
28.11.D-Burglengenfeld - VA Zentrum
30.11.B-Kortrijk - De Kreun
01.12.NL-Tilburg - Little Devil
02.12.D-Bochum - Matrix
04.12.NOR-Trondheim - Blaest
05.12.NOR-Haugesund - Skala
06.12.NOR-Sandnes - Tribute
07.12.NOR-Oslo - Pokalen
09.12.FI-Tampere - Klubi
10.12.FI-Helsinki - Nosturi
12.12.SWE-Borlaenge - Liljan
13.12.SWE-Trollhattan - Backstage Rockbar
16.12.DK-Copenhagen - Loppen
18.12.D-Munich - Backstage
19.12.I-Brescia - Circolo Colony
20.12.D-Karlsruhe - Schwarzwaldhalle/Knock Out Festival
Tour Agency: ITM Agency
"Light Over The Beyond" Tour 2014/2015
28.11. SK-Banska Bytrica - Urban Spot
29.11. SK-Bratislawa - MMC
12.12. CZ-Prague - Nova Chmelnice
13.12. CZ-Zlin - Masters Of Rock Cafe
20.12. D-Andernach - JUZ Club
21.12. D - Obermarchtal - Wild Christmas Festival
31.12. D-Nürnberg - MS Franconia
27.02. A-Vienna - Aera
28.02. A-Graz - Explosiv
12.03. D-Frankfurt - Nachtleben
13.03. D-Memmingen - Kaminwerk
14.03. D-Siegburg - Kubana
15.03. NL-Kerkrade - The Rock Temple
07.08. E-Villena (Alicante) - Leyendas del Rock Festival
Tour Agency: Dragon Productions
Current Album: "Beyond"

"Escape From The Shadow Garden" European Tour 2014 - Pt.II
23.11. CH-Zug - Chollerhalle
24.11. D-Aschaffenburg - Colos-Saal
26.11. D-Bochum - Zeche
27.11. D-Osnabrück - Rosenhof
28.11. D-Mannheim - Alte Seilerei
29.11. NL-Haarlem - Patronaat
01.12. UK-Cambridge - Junction
02.12. UK-Sheffield - The Corporation
03.12. UK-Preston - 53-Degrees
04.12. UK-Middlesbrough - Empire
05.12. UK-Bilston - Robin 2
07.12. UK-Porthcawl - Planet Rockstock
"Escape From The Shadow Garden" Tour 2015
06.02. UK-Liverpool - Arts Club
07.02. UK-Butlins Minehead - Giants Of Rock Festival
17.-18.07. SE-Stockholm - Väsby Rock Festival
31.07. SE- Rejmyre - Skoksröjet Festival
01.-02.08. D-Seebronn - Rock Of Ages Festival

Tour Agency: The Agency, London
New Single: "On Christmas Day" (17 November 2014, UK 01 December 2014)

"Curse Of The Damned" Tour 2015
31.01. D-Würzburg - Posthalle (Metal Assault Festival)
07.02. D-Saalfeld - Klubhaus
06.03. CH-Sargans - Karibik Bar
07.03. CH-Chur - Calanda Festival
14.03. D-Potsdam - Club Charlotte
21.03. D-Stuttgart - JH Hallschlag
27.03. NL-Den Haag - Musicon
03.04. NL-Stadskanaal - Very Eavy Fest

New Album: "Curse Of The Damned" (19 January 2015)


as Special Guest of GRAVE DIGGER
20.11. D-Frankfurt - Batschkapp
21.11. D-Speyer - Halle 101
22.11. D-Glauchau - Alte Spinnerei
23.11. CZ-Zlin - Masters Of Rock Cafe
27.11. CH-Pratteln - Z7
28.11. D-Regensburg - Airport Obertrautling
29.11. D-Gadenstedt - Black Hand Inn
05.12. D-Lichtenfels - Stadthalle
06.12. D-Mülheim a.d.Ruhr - Nikolaut Festival (only Nitrogods)
07.12. D-Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
26.12. D-Berlin - C Club
27.12. D-Rostock - Moya
28.12. D-Hamburg - Markthalle
29.12. D-Bochum - Zeche
"Rats & Rumours Tour 2015
13.03. D-Hechingen - Rock Cafe
28.03. D-Hannover - Musikzentrum (Nitrofest)
16.05. F-La Garde - Mcp Morts Subites Toulon
17.05. F-Meyrargues - Theatre de Verdure
Tour Agency Grave Digger: HHK Concertservice
Tour Agency Nitrogods: Dragon Productions

16.01. D-Paderborn - Kulturwerkstatt
17.01. D-Osnabrück - Westwerk
28.03. D-Hannover - Musikzentrum (Nitrofest)
07.05. D-Kiel - Schabule
09.05. DK-Copenhagen - Beta
Tour Agency: Weird World, Gerrmany
Current Album: "Buckle Up And Shove It"

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