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War of Thrones - "Savior" (Official Video)

WAR OF THRONES, featuring former members of Crimson Glory and Rob Rock, have released a new music video, 'Savior', from their debut album. The album, Conflict In Creation, hit stores worldwide on March 9 via Sonic Night Music Club.
Forged in steel, WAR OF THRONES was formed when iconic vocalist Wade Black and virtuoso guitarist Rick Renstrom joined forces in 2012. Previously, the two had worked together in LEASH LAW releasing Dogface in 2005.
Wade is no stranger to metal. For more than two decades, Wade has thrilled audiences worldwide fronting such legendary metal bands as Crimson Glory, Seven Witches, and Leatherwolf. Rick entered the scene in 2000, joining legendary vocalist Rob Rock's touring and recording band. Having toured around the world, hundreds of thousands have witnessed Rick’s incredible and inspiring guitar playing. Joining Wade and Rick is bass player Rich Marks (Vivaldi Metal Project) who delivers a booming low end and virtuosic moving lines along with former Yngwie Malmsteen drummer Patrick Johansson behind the drumkit.

AXEL RUDI PELL - Magic Moments, Live (Review)

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Axel Rudi Pell
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Melodic Hard Rock
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Axel celebrated his 25th Anniversary last year with an all-star concert event featuring guests from throughout his esteemed career.
From his early days in Steeler, to his early solo career with Jeff Scott Soto, through to today, continuing on with Johnny Gioeli.
The concert takes a cool snapshot of that entire span in chronological order.
Unfortunately it starts with the worst segment of the night, the Steeler reunion, all mainly due to the rough and largely unlikable vocalist Peter Burtz.
Thankfully we go from the basement to the penthouse after just 4 tracks, when Rob Rock jumps onboard for Nasty Reputation, the title track of the album he fronted.
Then it’s on to Jeff Scott Soto, who slays the crowd as usual with Warrior and Fool Fool.
The current ARP band is then ushered to the stage to deliver some Axel goodness. 3 of the next 5 tunes are over 9 minutes in length and one is 7. It’s Axel at his epic best, with Johnny singing his heart out. Strong As A Rock and Long Way To Go are both high energy delights and a 9 minute Hey Hey Now Now is the very definition of epic.
30 minutes of crossover tracks and live favourites follow until a few more covers appear – Montrose’s Rock The Nation is short, sharp and to the point; Ronnie Atkins joins in for Black Night; Tush features John Lawton and a 14 minute Mistreated features Doogie White, Tony Carey and Johnny Gioeli.
Graham Bonnet, Michael Voss, Doogie White tear down Since You’ve Been Gone, with Long Live Rock n Roll and completely over the top Smoke On The Water close out this truly epic event.
3CDs or DVDs might not be enough for flag waving ARP fan club members, but for the general populace, it’s more than enough and a fitting high quality way to pay tribute to one of Germany’s finest ever guitarists and metal legends.
Truly one for the fans here.

IMPELLITTERI - Venom (Review)

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Melodic Metal
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Chris Impellitteri has never been one to steer off course, so the contents of this disc should come as no surprise to fans, or to anyone for that matter.
Impellitteri is the Axel Rudi Pell of the shred metal world. Predictable but very talented, largely consistent and always enjoyable. Even better now that Rob Rock has rejoined for the last couple of albums. His voice and Chris’ manic riff-n-shred guitar playing go hand in and for me.
The only question is the songs – what kind of appeal will they have and what hold will they have over the listener.
The album starts with a flurry of screaming guitars, Rob Rock’s screaming voice and drummer Jon Dette hell bent on doing himself an injury; such is the tempo of the double kick drums.
In fact, his performance and the overall drum sound is a big plus on this album. James Pulli on bass ensures the speakers come within an inch of their life from the pounding they receive.
There’s 12 tracks here, but the album is still over faster than one of Chris’ solos. 40 minutes of music with only one song reaching the 4 minute mark, means there is no time for filler, no time for padding – just shredding, screaming and of course solos everywhere.
For me this is one of Impellitteri’s strongest albums. My favourite, the immense Answer To The Master will likely never be beaten, but this is solid for a veteran artist that continues to make new music.
The sound is immaculate and the songs, while similar in pace and tempo are memorable.
The particular standouts for me this time around is the opening Venom, the big groove of We Own The Night, the aggressive harmony backed Nightmare and the pounding intensity of Face The Enemy.
The rest – all good, if not similar, but that’s what we love about Chris.

No hesitation in recommending this to fans of Impellitteri and even casual fans if you are looking for some well-produced, hard hitting melodic metal.



IMPELLITTERI Return With New Studio Album 'Venom' on Frontiers

Friday, April 17, 2015
News Feed
The Masters of Power Metal and Shred IMPELLITTERI return with a new studio album 'Venom' - Out in April on Frontiers
Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of the brand new IMPELLITTERI studio album entitled “Venom” on April 17th in Europe and April 21st in North America.
With the release of the new album titled “Venom”, IMPELLITTERI deliver a record filled with addictive and memorable riffs, guitar solos that feature Chris Impellitteri’s blistering shredding technique coupled with strong melody and taste. Rob Rock vocals are mesmerizing, melodic, and will make the listener sing along with each song long after the record is over. Lastly, the band boggles the mind with brutal drumming (featuring John Dette, ex TESTAMENT, SLAYER etc) filled with speed and groove and beastly bass playing (curtesy of James Pulli) that supports IMPELLITTERI’s sonic madness! The result is a record that excites and musically satisfy every Metal and Rock fan, and every musician around the world.  To add to their quest, IMPELLITTERI also wanted to create music that would take the listener on a musical journey thru different time periods of metal and rock.
Chris Impellitteri is heralded as one of the world’s greatest guitar shredders. He has won Best Rock Guitarist Awards on several magazines during the years for his guitar soloing. He is the first guitarist to be branded as the fastest guitarist in the world by the international media. Recently and without any promotion, Impellitteri was officially voted 2nd fastest guitarist in the world by “Guitar One” magazine; and “Guitar World” magazine recently listed Chris Impellitteri within their top 50 fastest guitarists of all time!
Chris Impellitteri formed IMPELLITTERI in 1987, together with Rob Rock as vocalist. That year, they released an EP called the “Black Album” which was well-received, and IMPELLITTERI went on to release the full-length album “Stand In Line” in 1988. As of today IMPELLITTERI have released a total of 9 acclaimed studio albums and the new record “Venom” follows after 2009’s “Wicked Maiden”.
During the writing and recording of the new album “Venom” the band pushed the limitations of their artistic abilities in both performance and composition. All musical areas and ideas were explored with only the best recorded.
Frontiers will release the album with two superb new exclusive bonus tracks. “Venom” tracklisting includes: Venom; Empire Of Lies; We Own The Night; Nightmare; Face The Enemy; Dominoe Theory; Jehova; Rise; Time Machine; Holding On; Rock Through The Night (bonus track); Reach For the Sky (bonus track)
An album trailer can be enjoyed here:
Chris Impellitteri – Lead Guitar
Rob Rock – Lead Vocals
James Pulli – Bass
Jon Dette – Drums
Produced by: IMPELLITTERI and Greg Reely
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